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Empower the Young Generation with Awareness and Action for Climate Correction

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Climate change is not just a buzzword; it's a stark reality affecting our world. Relentless burning of fossil fuels has caused a surge in greenhouse gases and global warming, putting our planet under immense stress. Climate experts have issued a warning: we must limit global warming to 1.5°C, and we have just 5 to 6 years to make a significant difference or face irreversible climate change impacts.

The world is a play of Energy. Every individual, institution, and industry contributes to global warming through their constant energy use. It's our collective responsibility to take corrective action. In a world facing the urgency of climate change, the need for a fundamental shift in our energy consumption and lifestyle choices has never been greater. Energy Swaraj Foundation proudly presents "Energy Literacy Training," an innovative initiative aimed at promoting a global shift towards climate correction and sustainable living.

Energy Literacy Training is the first step towards climate correction!

While renewable energy, especially solar power, offers hope, it's not just about adopting cleaner technologies; it's about comprehending how our energy choices impact the environment. Once people become energy literate, we guide them toward a solar-powered lifestyle.

Energy Swaraj Foundation's Awareness and Action for Climate Correction take individuals through a transformative four-step journey over six months:

  • Step 1: Energy Literacy Training (ELT) - ELT functions as the foundational training, educating individuals on the subjects of energy usage, generation, and consumption.
  • Step 2: Climate Correction Day (CCD) - CCD advocates for straightforward, no-cost actions in our daily lives which triggers our mind to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.
  • Step 3: Reduce Electricity Consumption (REC) - REC enables our partners to assess their impact through the systematic reduction of their energy consumption.
  • Step 4: Ek Kamra Solar Ka (EKSK) - EKSK marks the beginning of adopting 100% solar-powered living. It involves installing off-grid solar systems for one room and transitioning to complete sustainable energy generation and self-reliance.

After six months, participants emerge with a comprehensive understanding of where our energy comes from, how much we use, how much we waste, and the environmental impact of our energy choices. Most importantly, they are empowered with the tools to embrace sustainable practices and move towards carbon-neutral living.

For just Rs. 175/-, we provide this essential four-step training and tools to one individual, especially students, empowering them to take meaningful #ActionForClimateCorrection. All our training is done in collaboration with schools, colleges, organizations, and their networks. The best part is that the training is entirely free. ESF raises funds through various initiatives to support this.

Currently, 4+ Lakh people are actively participating at various levels, resulting in over 38 million kgs of CO2 emissions reduction. Our goal is to engage with 20,000 people over six months requiring INR 35 Lakh for this endeavour

Your support can be a game-changer in empowering the future generation. Your donation today is an investment in a sustainable and resilient future. 

Be a part of the solution - Act Now!

Energy Swaraj Foundation

Energy Swaraj Foundation

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Swati Kalwar

Swati Kalwar


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