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6th BEFF Babul Eco Film Festival

Campaign by Babul Films Society

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Predominant reason for Environment destruction is ignorance and the first step in protecting the Nature is Awareness. As Cinema is so far the most powerful medium, films play a vital role in spreading environmental awareness. With this in view, Babul ngo has come up with 6th edition of BEFF - the first and only International Environmental Film Festival fully dedicated to Environment in Hyderabad and south India! The festival is hosted in the historical Sri Sarathi Studios, Hyderabad. To ensure better connect with audience and leverage mileage nationally and internationally, the festival is held during first week of June to coincide with World Environment Day. A lot of films related to Nature, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Climate Action etc. are made in India and abroad. As Environment has less priority, there is an urgent need to bring these films to the audience and also it is important that this happens in a carnival type film festival to attract attention. Our hashtags are #babulecofest #babulecofest22 #beff2022

6th BEFF has 2 components 1] Short Film Contest-Animation 5 minutes with cash prize ₹25,000. To ensure wider participation we are accepting entries via film festival submission platforms and also directly. Films of all genres and made by mobile are also allowed.2 step Jury, for pre-selection and for final screening ensures only the best films are selected. 2] Eco Films Screening has upto 100 minutes films across all themes related to Environment with special focus on the current issues that require action. The festival is mostly volunteer driven to keep the costs to the minimum. After the main festival is over, follow up mini travelling festivals are also envisaged with packages curated to suit the audience and locations. While the live physical form festival helps us reach the Nature Lovers of Hyderabad, lot of online action will happen in internet and social media to educate people in these tough times of pandemic restrictions. World acclaimed film entries are included by special invitation.Efforts are made to involve Media and Celebrities for extra reach.. There will be Seminars / Panel Discussions / Eco Bazar / Master Classes etc., All this will be possible ONLY with your SUPPORT.

BEFF will sensitize 800 people about the importance of Nature and immediate need to protect Environment. When an on field direct action is done for protecting Nature, its impact is restricted in terms of time and geography. Instead if the same efforts are put in to bring in a change in the collective mindset of people in favour of environment, then it serves in multiple ways like, the motivated people will act for Nature throughout the rest of their lives, inspiring many others along the way to follow. This is the spirit behind BEFF. About 750 delegates will be watching the films in 6th BEFF and also participating in the Eco Side Events happening in parallel. The delegate kit comprising of cloth bag with message, film festival catalogue, environment related books and handouts, etc., ensure consistency in Nature Advocacy even after the festival over. The media coverage and social media campaigns will reach a minimum of 10,000 people. With Hyderabad recognition as the only city from India as a 2020 Tree City of the World, BEFF will do its bit to raise Ecoawareness leading to meaningful action. A pre and post festival survey will be done with the delegates to corroborate. The 5th BEFF was held 25-26 December 2022 at Sri Sarathi Studios, Hyderabad.

Babul Films Society

Babul Films Society

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Gangadhar Panday

Gangadhar Panday


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