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Covid-19 Relief for Acid Attack Survivors

Campaign by Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation

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The recent outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic has brought everything to a standstill for our foundation with all fund sources being halted,l and existing funds being cleared out in all the financial aid we have helped the victims within the initial days of the lockdown to help them sustain through then. With the lockdown situation now being over a month, the victims have been facing a lot of problems with depleting or non-availability of ration, pending surgeries and treatments on hold again due to lack of monetary aid, also with the absence of funds, crucial mandate medicines and eye drops in case of the blind victims is a major concern too, the bread earners and daily earning members from the victims’ families too are unable to go to work again taking out that option for them to meet their needs. The victims are in a very bad situation and have been reaching out to Daulat Bi who has tried her best in all ways but is now helpless too with the absence of funds after a lot of attempts 

In the wake of this volatile situation, we look to you for help to aid the victim’s needs and requirements and are looking for a fund collection outreach of an estimate total amount of approx 11.5 lakhs which could help us fulfil this

 Breakdown of the priority fund requirements estimate for our foundation as below: 

 In terms of medicines, we are currently trying to meet the need for the priority ones for the victims which is eye drops especially for the blind victims who form a majority of the count and secondly for skin/burn creams which is a must for all victims, for these two per victim we count an estimate of Rs. 2500 per victim per month on a minimum that comes to 1.25 lacs for 50 victims

 In terms of groceries, if basic essentials like vegetables, pulses, rice, soaps, cooking spices/oils for a month is considered at Rs 3000 per victims family per month it would come to 1.5 lacs as a total for 50 victims 

In terms of surgical requirements, a surgery for any victims on an average ranges between 75k to a lac or more and the same is soon to be done for at least 3 victims as of now 

 For education needs as mentioned the 2 children in hostel facilities have a cost of approx 1 lakh for their accommodation plus schooling needs and costs for the coming year to be paid while for the test of the 9 chicken the fees, stationery, uniforms and other costs again would range in approx 25k per child totalling to around 2.25 lacs for 9 children 

 The rental costs taken at the average of per family for monthly bills and costs would be approx 10-12k and for around 21 victims comes up to 2.5 lakhs

We shall be able to ensure that the beneficiaries are well-equipped during these testing times.

Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation

Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation

Beneficiary Charity

Daulat Bi Khan

Daulat Bi Khan


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