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80% of school children in India lack access to Activity Based Learning: Help Us Change It!

Campaign by Women’s Organisation For Socio Cultural Awareness (WOSCA)

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Science without the concepts of experiments is an enterprise which is likely to go completely astray into imaginary conjecture.

With over 440 million school-going children in our country, teachers have a lot of bandwidth for pedagogical innovations. However, the education system in rural India suffers both because of the poor infrastructure as well as an abysmal quality of education. The question of establishing quality and altering the prejudicial practice of rote learning has plagued the Indian education sector for over two decades now. The poor quality of education amongst rural children is leading to 80 % of children to deprivation from experiential learning and 37.2 % of children drop out due to loss of interest in learning.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. And imagination can be best generated through experience.”

Life-Lab recognizes that Activity Based Learning has failed to percolate to low-income schools in our country. Life-Lab builds a bridge to join this critical gap by codifying and designing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits and models that guide teachers in low-income schools to help children gain experiences. Life-Lab is making it possible for any school to effectively apply ABL and improve science learning outcomes by providing children uniquely designed support mechanism which enables them to take charge of their own learning and gain experiences. Life-Lab designs tool-kits and intervention models to satisfy the need of the school administrations, to help children build a scientific temperament, creativity and confidence.

Life-Lab has been working in India for over 5 years, focusing on numerous pedagogical experiments based on the foundations of fun, engagement, conceptual understanding, creativity, innovation and problem-solving.

With Life Lab, 78.5% children in Life-Lab classrooms are experiencing fun and engaging learning environments and 18% of children are now demonstrating problem solving and creative mindsets, with an overall 15% rise in their learning outcomes.

Life-Lab’s effort has led to impact about 650000 children with experiences across 11 states in India. In the next 1 year, our mission is to impact 1000000 children with experiences.

Life-Lab boosts children’s understanding and appreciation towards Science concepts by exposing every child is exposed to interactive or activity-based learning.

We need your contribution to help the underprivileged children gain experiences in science and create dreams. Lets together give them our support and guidance and do our part in giving back to the society we feel proud to be a part of!

Women’s Organisation For Socio Cultural Awareness (WOSCA)

Women’s Organisation For Socio Cultural Awareness (WOSCA)

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