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a) Free Advance Life Ambulance services to the needy in Delhi & NCR b) Funeral Services and Dead Body Management

Campaign by Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal

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a) Going by the statistics, DELHI particularly, has the highest ratio of road accident fatalities, in India. Also, the major traffic jams, scarcity and affordability of Advance Life Support (ALS) ambulance services, is the key reason for people dying even without being given a fair chance of reaching the hospital and treatment, in time. On average the ALS ambulance, equipped with lifesaving equipment, costs approximately INR 5000/- to INR 10,000/-, subject to availability.

We believe that in the capital of India, i.e. Delhi, people are being deprived of their fundamental right, the right to health, by not being provided treatment in time, due to scarcity of proper ambulance services, which further leads to untimely deaths, a ration, which otherwise would have been better off, had there been a proper ambulance system in place.

b) We also run a cremation ground in Delhi, where we carry out free cremations of unclaimed bodies. Mostly unclaimed dead bodies from Police, Hospitals are handed over to us and are then ferried to the cremation ground by our teams and cremated with all due dignity. Our motto is simply, ‘Living for the Dead.’ We cremate such bodies, which are left unclaimed by their relatives for various reasons or which do not have any kin. You will be shocked to learn that such bodies are left in waiting for various days and in some cases for over a month, as no one comes up to help such unclaimed bodies. Ultimately, our teams are handed over these bodies, which are then given their last rites with all the respect. No one cares about these dead bodies and they are left unclaimed which are then taken care of by our teams.

a) We want to procure at least 10 ALS Ambulances, for Delhi in the first phase, to serve the population of 2.5 Crore, free of cost. We know that the size ratio of ambulances when compared with the population of Delhi, is too low but we must start somewhere to make an impact. We have already been running free ambulance services free of cost for two and half decades now and have been providing free ambulance services to the needy, with our fleet of ambulances.

We believe that by procurement of ten new ambulances, we shall be able to make a major impact in Delhi and NCR as we intend to distribute the working of these ambulances, district-wise in Delhi. Delhi today has 11 districts so we shall depute almost 1 ALS Ambulance, per district.

b) Our NGO specialises in dead body management and funeral services. Perhaps during the Covid-19 pandemic, our teams managed and cremated over 4500 Covid infected dead bodies. Since our inception, our teams have ferried over 70,000 dead bodies and we have cremated over 60,000 unclaimed and destitute dead bodies. Our teams specialise in body sanitisation, packing of corpses, transportation of bodies from homes/hospitals/accident sites, the proper funeral of the body, with all due rituals and immersion of ashes of the bodies, in the holy Ganges, in Haridwar.

During the Covid-19 disaster, the Delhi administration sought our support in dead body management and funeral management services and we successfully rendered our services, undeterred, without fearing our love. When the World was in lockdown, our teams were fighting covid, out on the roads and in crematoriums.

a) We believe that with an average of 100 emergency Calls daily, we shall be able to serve at least half and cater to 50 emergency calls, using these 10 new ambulances and ultimately try and save approximately 1500-2000 lives a month, with a yearly figure of 18000-24000 patients being saved. We shall easily be able to impact around 1,00,000 people (Including Family members of the patients), annually.

b) Over the years, the prices for materials used to burn a pyre, have shot up severely, like the wooden logs, ghee, and religious materials, etc, but our services have rather flourished and we cremate an average of 75 Unclaimed bodies a month. Our NGO is a household name today in Delhi and everyone knows that in an event of a death, people can seek our NGO’s services for dead bodies and funeral management, totally free of cost. However, to continue these services, we plan to crowdfund and request people to support us in our noble cause, to easily impact around 6000-8000 People, annually.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal

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Manish Pal Singh

Manish Pal Singh


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