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A learning center to nurture the dreams of Gopalpuram's children

Campaign by Makkala Jagriti

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Gopalapuram - an old and bustling, but impoverished urban settlement in the heart of Bangalore is home to hundreds of children - dozens of whom who are not going to school. And many among those who do, often lack the exposure and learning opportunities that can help them grow holistically. With their own financial and other struggles, most of the parents in the community are lacking the necessary awareness and motivation to guide their children to a path of quality education that could potentially change their futures for the better. Instead, the children are liable to get into deviant and risky behavior as they grow older. We are concerned that the curiosity and free spirit of the children remain suppressed and that their true potential remains untapped. We are concerned that young dreams and aspirations do not have the opportunity to flourish and prosper to their rightful levels.

Driven by its motto: Where you are born should not limit how far you go, Makkala Jagriti has been working with children in urban-poor communities for nearly 20 years and changing their lives for the better. We want to bring this movement to Gopalapuram.

We shall establish a children's learning center here that will provide a safe, non-judgmental, non-threatening space for children to learn and grow. In this space, we shall engage with the children of the community and create opportunities for their Socio-emotional, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Intellectual and Ethical development through its flagship SPICE model. We shall ensure that children who have dropped out are enrolled back into school after a bridge course, while also providing unprecedented learning and exposure and positive experiences that will stay with them for life.

Your support will enable us to :

  • Set up a Learning center in the community that is a safe, attractive and joyful learning space, easily accessible to children
  • Provide holistic development opportunities to 100 children on a daily basis based on MJ's SPICE model
  • Re-Enroll at least 25 out-of-school children back in school
  • Provide basic Foundational literacy and Numeracy bridge course for children to get back to school
  • Provide opportunities to engage in Sports, Performing arts, Visual arts, STEM activities, Exposure trips
  • Engage with parents and equip them to support the children's learning and nurture their dreams and ambitions

Your support will enable us to deeply engage with 100 children a year and put on a path of quality education and holistic development. These children will have access to a space that nurtures their curiosity, their imagination, intelligence and above all their aspirations. Children will go back to school and value what they learn. Parents will become more child-centric and become more involved in their children’s learning and development.

Children of the community will have role models among their own peers and would reduce the tendency towards risk behavior.

Every child will dream without fear and develop skills that will propel them towards becoming great human beings and responsible citizens. 

It costs us Rs. 5000 for supporting one child for 6 months.

We look forward to changing the story of Gopalpuram's children by removing the poverty of opportunity. Join us in this social movement.

Makkala Jagriti

Makkala Jagriti

Beneficiary Charity

Sunayana Chatrapathy

Sunayana Chatrapathy


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