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Bringing the magic of reading and storytelling to young hearts in rural India. 

Storytelling Saturday is an early education program that blends foundational literacy and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with captivating read-aloud sessions every Saturday.

The program is designed to ignite creativity, immersing children in engaging storytelling sessions. Our approach ensures age-appropriate, enjoyable learning experiences.

Our mission is to bridge the learning gap in low-budget private schools and government schools. Through our storytelling curriculum, we cultivate Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing skills, along with vital Social Emotional Learning abilities like self-awareness, social awareness, empathy, and responsible decision-making. 

Last year, thanks to your generous support, we raised a significant amount and successfully established 10 libraries in partner schools. This year, we've grown even bigger and we are looking to impact 3600 young learners across 29 schools in rural Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. We're excited to see an even more encouraging response.

We believe that school libraries are the cornerstone of a reading culture. That's why we're on a mission to create mini-libraries in each partner school's classrooms. These mini-libraries will house learner-appropriate books filled with captivating pictures, making learning accessible and engaging. These libraries will also enable class teachers to seamlessly incorporate storytelling into their teaching methods.

To achieve this, we need your support to establish 29 such libraries in Yemmiganur, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, and Raichur, Karnataka.

Your contribution will directly benefit 3600 students from 29 different schools in Raichur and Yemmiganur. Help IndiVillage Foundation empower young minds by setting up school libraries and extending the reach of our child literacy program, Storytelling Saturday.

With your support, we will be procuring the following books for the libraries:

  1. A Girl Called Cheeku
  2. Why is Nita Upside Down?
  3. Emotions Come and Go
  4. Angry Akku
  5. My Brother's Wheeeeelchair
  6. Mundu Magicians
  7. Laundry day
  8. Satya, Watch out
  9. Nanammal and Kamalathal Travel by Air
  10. My Aaji has a Tail
  11. My Cousin Visits My Village
  12. The Punctuation Marks' Journey
  13. An A-maize-ing Story
  14. Ammachi's Amazing Machines
  15. What if?
  16. Nanammal and Kamalathal Travel by Road
  17. Rainbow girls
  18. Rainbow boys
  19. A walk with Thambi

IndiVillage Foundation

IndiVillage Foundation

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Akanchha Sharma

Akanchha Sharma


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