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A Recording Studio in a Bus : Support Safe Spaces for Women to Make Music

Campaign by Manzil Mystics

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My Story:

I am Krantinaari, a rapper and communication designer, recognized as the "voice of revolution" in hip-hop. For four years, I've journeyed across our nation, seeking the untold stories and sounds of women in music. Along this path, I've encountered a tapestry of experiences—some enlightening, others disheartening. Despite my roots in Mumbai granting me easy studio access, I witnessed a troubling reality: it became increasingly arduous for women elsewhere to claim their space. This disparity sparked a fire within me, igniting a quest for answers. Through my investigations, I uncovered a dark truth: countless women endured the horrors of sexual harassment, abuse, and unjust treatment within studio walls. These injustices, fueled by the objectification of women, cast a shadow over their dreams and aspirations in music. It was a revelation that struck a chord deep within me, resonating with my own experiences of harassment during studio sessions. This epiphany spurred me into action, propelling me to join forces with Manzil Mystics in crafting a mobile recording studio—a ray of hope in a landscape riddled with inequality.

The Problem:

I moved to Nainital for a few months to explore and understand the culture of the Kumaon region, setting up my work from my room. My project focused on investigating how a language without a script stays alive through the years. I discovered that music and community storytelling played significant roles in this preservation. 

To document and record samples from local women, I needed a studio. Finding one was challenging, but when I eventually did, my visit to assess its logistics and technical capabilities was deeply disappointing and uncomfortable. The lack of a safe, comfortable space prevented me from voicing my concerns.

Upon further research and discussions with other women, I found that my experiences were not unique. Many women had abandoned their musical pursuits, convinced they could not have a career in the field unless they tolerated objectification and abuse.

I spent four years gathering stories from women, not only in Uttarakhand but also in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Kalimpong, and even cities like Mumbai. It was not just physical but mental abuse that affected women, driving them away from music and art. This extensive journey revealed how pervasive the issues of objectification and the lack of safe spaces for women in music and storytelling are, cutting across both rural and urban areas.

The Solution:

To create a more inclusive and equitable music landscape, we need to address these unsafe studio environments. Our innovative solution involves establishing a mobile studio setup exclusively for women. This initiative will provide:

Safe Spaces: Mobile studios offering a secure environment for music creation, recording, and distribution under the guidance of female studio engineers.

Accessibility: Remote music-making resources in accessible locations, making it easier for women to approach the music-making process.

Education: Courses and workshops offering guidance and constant encouragement to pursue their dreams in a structured way.

Comprehensive Programs: A qualitative program designed to cover different spectrums of music, from production to publishing and establishing themselves as artists.

The Impact

Social Change: More women's perspectives documented in music can drive societal change and combat patriarchy.

Leadership: Empowering more women to become independent music creators and leaders.

Advocacy: Encouraging more women to speak up for their rights and have a strong voice in the industry.

Innovation: Inspiring women to work towards building systems and solutions for their communities.

Inclusivity: Helping more women break caste-based barriers and fostering a more inclusive society.

Cultural Shift: Women leaders can reshape societal ideas, making it a more nurturing and equitable place to live.

How You Can Help:

Your support will help us build these mobile studios and develop the resources necessary to empower women in music. By contributing to this campaign, you are directly helping to create a more inclusive and equitable music industry.

500 RS: Provide 2 hours of mobile studio session

1000 RS : Provide 3 hours studio session with engineer and recording learning tips

2000 RS : Provides essential supplies for one workshop and one recording session of 2 hours.

5000 RS : Sponsors a one-on-one session for 2 girls with a female studio engineer.

8000 RS : Funds the setup of a mobile studio, 3 hours recording sessions, 1 songwriting workshop .

40,000 RS : Supports the development of comprehensive educational programs including publishing a song and establishing like an independent artist.

Join Us:

Together, we can promote a culture of respect and equality in the music industry. Help us create safe spaces where women can reclaim their agency and thrive.

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Manzil Mystics

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