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After fighting for India, former Air Force officer is now fighting to save abandoned women. Help him, donate now

Campaign by Bhavada Devi Memorial Philanthropic Trust, SENEH

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“What will happen to them after me? I am 80+. I spend sleepless nights,” worries ex-Air Force officer, Group Captain AC Barua while talking about the future of the 28 destitute women under his care. “They have nobody in this world, sometimes they don’t remember their own names. They are absolutely alone,” he informs us as he goes from one room to the other meeting all the women who live at Seneh, the only home where they are loved and taken care of. After fighting for his country all his life, this octogenarian is now fighting to rescue homeless and abandoned women from dying on the streets. But he cannot do it alone. 

“Everyday I keep on getting calls from here and there. ‘Oh! there’s a woman lying here. Can you help?’ But I don’t dare to go and help because I don’t have the money. I don’t have the resources, our resources are very limited,” explains Gr. Capt. Barua who is lovingly called ‘Sir’ and ‘Deuta’ (father in Assamese) by the residents of Seneh. 

With your help, 80-year-old Group Captain Barua can fulfill his mission of rescuing abandoned and homeless women from dying on the streets, alone. Donate now

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Seneh- a home filled with love, care and hope

The residents of Seneh often don’t remember who they are, where they have come from. Many times these are women with mental health conditions and considered being a witch due to superstitious beliefs and beaten up as a result. They are victims of domestic abuse or widow mothers who are considered to be a burden on the family. Group Captain Barua has not only rescued them from critical conditions, he has provided them with urgent medical care, nutritious food and above all, a free safe shelter where they can live with love and care. 

Among these residents is Sarala Kalita who fled to save herself from the tortures of her alcoholic husband only to face neglect and trauma from her brothers- and sisters-in-law. “Both my brothers and their wives urged my father to leave me somewhere as they didn’t want to take care of me anymore. One day my brother’s wife didn’t even let me have food at home. She just wanted me to leave and go away. So that’s why, my father got in touch with Seneh through someone, and handed me over to Sir to take care of me,” says Sarita who has found joy in living at Seneh. “Coming to Seneh, it felt like I got a new life altogether. Sir has given me a harmonium. I love singing. It makes me forget everything and takes me to someplace else entirely,” she adds. 

More women like Sarala can find their way to a loving home like Seneh. All they need is a little bit of your kindness. 

“It is difficult to make both ends meet”

To sustain their daily expenditure, Capt Barua needs approx ₹3 lakh a month and arranging the funds is a mammoth challenge for the NGO. “Our expenses are growing day by day. Residents are growing older, their sicknesses are increasing. At times we have to give them special food. They require more care so we have to get more employees. About half of them require leading around, 1-2 has to be fed also. It will be very difficult to sustain it unless we get help,” he added. 

One act of your kindness can save these abandoned women, with no one in this world, from struggling on the streets to survive. At 80+ Gr. Capt. Barua cannot sustain Seneh on his own. “With folded hands, I appeal to all. Please come and please help us. Let us help these people, these old people who have nobody in this world. They are dying. They will die on the streets,” he urged. 

Donate to this fundraiser by to support retired Air Force officer, Group Captain Barua in his mission to rescue abandoned and homeless women from dying on the streets. 

16 Jun, 2024

The plight of people without a home, particularly women is unimaginable. Seneh has done some great work in helping to rescue scores of abandoned women off the streets but we need your help to do more!

We've secured shelter, nutritional aid, treatment, and more for over 70 homeless women with the funds contributed by our generous donors.

We have even made rehabilitation efforts to reintegrate some of the women with their families after their treatment. The rest are given permanent homes to live out the rest of their days under our care.

The services provided above are given at no cost to anyone but ourselves. But we can't sustain our practice indefinitely. Our charity depends on kind souls such as yourself for donations. Check out the graphic below to see what else we've done to justify your aid!

Your help is essential to eradicate the unnecessary misery of homelessness. Donate now and contribute to a better world.

1 Apr, 2024

Kavita's (name changed) life took a turn from wandering the streets of Guwahati, surviving on the sporadic kindness of strangers, to finding sanctuary in Seneh, a home dedicated to caring for destitute women. Her days, once marked by restless conversations with herself and nights spent in the unprotected confines of a building's ground floor, have transitioned to stability and peace, thanks to the intervention of Group Captain Barua and the kind informant who recognized her plight.

Rescued by Seneh, Kavita faced a challenging period of adjustment, her initial time in the home proving difficult, necessitating specialized psychiatric care. After four months of hospital treatment, she returned to Seneh, now leading a calmer life with the support of regular medication and the compassionate environment provided by the home.

Kavita's journey underscores the critical need for such sanctuaries as Seneh, where women like her, can receive the care and attention they need to live with dignity. Seneh's mission to provide a safe haven for these women is fraught with financial challenges, as the costs of care, medical treatment, and daily operations mount.

Your donation can help sustain Seneh, allowing it to continue offering a lifeline to women like Kavita, who, without this support, would face unimaginable hardships. The act of giving not only aids in the immediate care of these women but also upholds the dignity and respect they deserve, providing a beacon of hope in their lives. Donate now to help Seneh continue their essential work of rescuing wayward souls from their plight.

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Bhavada Devi Memorial Philanthropic Trust, SENEH

Bhavada Devi Memorial Philanthropic Trust, SENEH

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