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Ambulance to save lives of people left to die on streets

Campaign by Feel Parmartham Foundation

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We usually see helpless elderly and mentally abandoned people who are left to die on the streets everywhere, they are used to pick up rotten meals from dustbins, sometimes they starve and sleep on empty stomachs, and many mentally ill women are sexually abused on street, they live an insecure life, sometimes they die on streets due to severe cold and lack of medical support.

The state in which we are working alone has 32120 mentally ill people abandoned by their families according to the Chhattisgarh Psychiatric society 2016 report. Now the numbers may have increased a lot. Since 2018 we are working for this cause to save lives on the streets. We face a lot of problems while rescuing people from the streets as we do not have an ambulance to rescue, sometimes we have to wait for 4-5 hours to arrange a vehicle to rescue people, after arranging the vehicle also we find it difficult to rescue sometimes because people whom we rescue are generally mentally ill and they are very aggressive it is difficult to manage them in a small vehicle, many times our volunteers get injured while rescue. Anytime when there is any medical emergency at our centre, we have to rush our people to the hospital at that time also we have to wait for a long time to arrange a vehicle.


We are continuously working for the last 4 years on the streets to save lives before 2020 when we did not have any place for giving them care and shelter we use to serve them on the streets only. From 2020 we are running a shelter rehab home where we give complete care including shelter, medical care, and psychological support and make their life better since 2020 we have rescued more than 60+ people from the streets who were near to death and saved their lives. We do not take any admission of elderly or mentally ill people we only rescue abandoned people from the streets and if the rescued person is in the condition to tell we try to find out his/her family and we reunite them with family. If the person who we have rescued is not in the position to tell (mentally ill) we start medical treatment and counsel them continuously and make them believe that we are in their life to take care of and love.

We are in mission mode to save every life from the streets!

If we will have an ambulance to rescue people then we can easily take them to hospital for any medical emergencies at any time round the clock and to rescue people from any difficult situation without waiting for vehicles to be arranged as sometimes every minute matters and can save lives.

We need an Ambulance with proper space. Why with proper space? Why not a small ambulance vehicle?

-We usually rescue mentally ill people and mostly they are very aggressive, try to harm us and they can be only controlled by 3-4 people even after boarding inside the vehicle and when we board them on the vehicle and if the vehicle's door is small then we find it very difficult to board them easily, due to which there is always a chance on injury, So to control them easily inside the ambulance and to board them smoothly we need some spacious ambulance like Tata Winger.

Our 1 rescue changes the complete life of 1 elderly and a mentally ill abandoned person who was been left to die on street. As we have reunited 11 abandoned elderly and mentally people from their families who were living on the streets in pathetic conditions. 1 mentally ill person was wandering naked on street we rescued him, started his medical treatment at our centre, gave him proper care and psychological support after 3 months he told us about his village, as he was belonging to a different state we contacted local administration of that state and reunited him with his family he went back with his family in near to normal condition. In the same way, we have reunited 3 people from different states. We can save and make lives of people who are living pathetic life on the streets, dying due to pain

If we will have an ambulance we can rescue abandoned elderly and mentally ill people easily from our district and also from our near districts. At the same time when there is any medical emergency at our centre or any medical test has to be performed, we can rush to the hospital or medical test centres immediately without any delay.

With your precious support, we can have an ambulance and can rescue more people from the street and rehabilitate them with proper care.

Please support generously!

Feel Parmartham Foundation

Feel Parmartham Foundation

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Feel Parmartham Foundation

Feel Parmartham Foundation


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