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Asha works for the education of the underprivileged in India. Government schooling system is the bedrock of education in India. The quality of education provided at the Government schools needs to be improved. Asha Chennai has been working to improve the quality of education in government schools. Further these days comfort in handling technology is critical to success in any field. Asha has been working to provide this as well.

Asha Chennai has been supporting 150+ schools in Tamilnadu and 10 schools in UP.

·        We provide teachers where there is a lack of adequate number of teachers.

·        We provide computer teachers who use technology to teach children through innovative contents and also teach technology to the children.

·        We provide stationery materials, mats, sports materials etc. and also repaint the black boards.

·        We also repair toilets and school buildings when required.

We are also continuing to provide nutrition support to children from very poor communities, run libraries in remote villages, provide scholarships to children from economically weaker sections, run rural technology centres (RTCs) to teach technology to 9th to 12th std children etc.

We hope to continue improving education in the schools we support through sustained engagement and inputs of best pedagogy and technology. We measure our progress through detailed assessments at these schools.


We are also hoping to influence the revival of education in schools that do not receive our direct support through our technology initiatives,

·        Asha Kanini - A platform for teachers to easily access the best contents for teaching every lesson in every subject. We are providing this free to ALL government schools and are also training the government teachers on how to use it.

·        Computer Science Curriculum -- We have designed a world class curriculum for teacher CS to classes 1 to 8. We are working with partner organisations such as to spread its use in other government schools as well. Our RTCs take this to classes 9 to 12 as well.

·        Assessments and Analytics -- We conduct assessments to understand learning gaps which will help the schools/teachers as well as study what factors influence education. Expecially at a time like the present where education has taken a severe beating, understanding this will be critical to reviving it.


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Project Updates

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Inauguration of 2 RTCs

On Feb 4th 2022, Asha Chennai and Pravartak inaugurated two RTCs at Kanakamma Chathram and Seethanjeri, two villages in Thiruvallur District.

Asha Chennai has launched Rural Technology Centres at the two villages of Kanakamma Chathram and Seethanjeri in Thiruvallur District in partnership with IITM Pravartak Technologies Foundation. We started setting up the centres in January. The children also started coming by January 17th. However launching of the first two courses being offered at the centres with a formal inauguration was done on Feb 4th 2022. Both these centres have been funded by CAMS, a financial services company.

The RTCs are being set up to teach technology to rural children in the 9th to 12th standard. You can read up a little more about Asha Rural Technology Centres in our Website under News/Article section.

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Hindu Covers Asha Chennai

There was an article in "The Hindu" Opportunities page regarding the challenges faced by organisations like Asha Chennai and how we have successfully managed it. The beautiful photo that you see is from one of our mini-schools in a village called Old Panapakkam in Thiruvallur Dist.



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Rajaraman Krishnan


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