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Backyard Family Fruit Trees Plantation

Campaign by Champa Mahila Society

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This idea was successfully implemented last year in Basanti, Sundarban. This year CMS has decided to join again this splendid and successful idea and increase green coverage in the relatively barren areas or remote villages of Sundarban. We feel this project will deliver both social and environmental benefits again to the Amphan & Yaas devastated areas of Sundarban which had lost significant tree cover during that time. We have already motivated a number of our village people, and they are excited to be a part of the project. We plan to plant 1000 fruit trees this year. Monitor the success - and embark on a larger scale next year.


estimated cost of this project is Rs. 1,20000.00 (One lakh twenty thousand)

roughly Rs. 120 per tree, including caring, administrative and supervision

costs for a year over and above the cost of the saplings.


evolved this idea. We motivate villagers to subscribe to our idea of growing

one or two fruit trees in their backyard. They prepare the pit for tree

planting, we provide a sapling old enough to bear fruit in a year or two, they

plant the sapling and maintain it, we monitor it for a year to ascertain

healthy growth, and they harvest the fruits for their own consumption or

selling, the tree grows further as all get the benefit - overall we increase

the green cover - our two cents to help the environment.


success parameters:


Identify areas that are less fertile, and has limited use as kitchen garden or



Identify motivated villagers especially women interested in this project.


Have the plantation pit prepared as a pre-condition for extending this support.


Provide saplings 3 to 4 feet in height, so that there is a high chance of fruit

yield in a year or two.


Monitor the trees and record their health on a quarterly basis.


Create demand for the next year.

In the light of a fast-changing environment, planting trees is the least we can do. The benefits of increasing the green canopy is many folds - cleaner air, cooler earth, less soil erosion, increased habitat for other species, and so on. But in the light of human pressure to reclaim forest land, creating new extended green coverage is not something feasible without government planning. So the challenge is what we can do that is feasible to execute at an individual level, maintainable in the long term, yet scalable. The fruit trees like mango and water apple trees will meet up the deficiency of nutrition of the poor villagers to who the fruit trees will be given. Due to the Amphan in some islands of Sundarban, many trees have been destroyed. To make the environment green & clean, it needs to plant these fruit trees for those families

Champa Mahila Society

Champa Mahila Society

Beneficiary Charity

Amal Nayek

Amal Nayek


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