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In Himachal Pradesh, the 15,000 government schools (with ~60% of the total state student enrollment) face numerous challenges, including volatile environmental conditions and limited resources. Despite being a progressive state, the student learning outcomes often lag, as evidenced by national education reports like NAS (National Achievement Survey, 2021).

However, when a forward-thinking state collaborates with purpose-driven partners, the paradigm can shift. This is exactly what the Department of Education in Himachal Pradesh and Barefoot Edu Foundation aim to achieve with their co-created intervention in the state.

The Problem

  • Poor Learning Outcomes: Government schools in India, particularly in rural and hilly regions, struggle with maintaining consistent educational standards and resources. According to NAS 2021, student performance in government schools in Himachal Pradesh is below grade level, particularly in subjects like English and Social Science.
  • Environmental conditions: Himachal Pradesh’s geography adds to the challenges, with remote locations making it tough for schools to receive adequate support. Environmental challenges like flash floods, rising temperatures, and erratic weather have made quality learning difficult to take place effectively. 

Our Journey in Himachal Pradesh So Far

Barefoot Edu Foundation collaborated with the Department of Education in Himachal Pradesh (specifically SCERT) last year to ensure each child receives relevant and meaningful education. In our pilot, we worked collaboratively with SCERT in Solan, with the district as our pilot phase testing ground. So far, we’ve been able to create ripples of change in the district through our efforts –

  • Launched 2 Climate Action Project-based Modules in Solan district with 25 schools participating and 750 students creating projects. The trainings got an average rating of 4.3/5 from the head teachers and headmasters from 17 schools. (SCERT collaboration)
  • Organise an annual showcase event to showcase 40+ high-impact student climate-action projects. (SCERT collaboration)
  • Conducted a training for 25+ School Leaders in Solan (including Principals, Head Masters/Mistresses and Centre Head Teachers) on data-driven decision-making and socio-emotional learning. 100% of the school leaders found the session to be effective. (SSA collaboration)
  • Trained 500+ teachers on English proficiency, and monitored the progress in all 12 districts. 44 SRGs participated in our training, and conducted trainings in their districts. We also monitored trainings conducted by KRPs (Key Resource Persons) in 5 districts. (SSA collaboration) 

Our Growth Plan: A Holistic Approach to Learning

In the coming year, we aim to drive change in the entire state. We will work with the decision-makers / edupreneurs in the state education system (state actors – SSA, SCERT, DIET, headmasters, SRGs, Head Teachers, Master Trainers) using the principles of Edupreneurship (entrepreneurship in education) equipping them with the skills necessary to manage and improve their institutions effectively.

Through our Edupreneurs, we work at 2 levels –

  • Improving academics: To make the children of Himachal Pradesh global citizens and also aid them in their higher education, the state has introduced English as a medium of instruction in government schools in a phased manner. We are conducting trainings with State Resource Groups (SRGs) to enhance their proficiency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

  • Focus on co-curricular development, social innovation, and contextual awareness: With changing tides, educating students and making them care for the climate is a priority now more than ever. We develop climate-action project-based learning modules to create climate-conscious leaders for tomorrow who drive meaningful change.

Plan for This Year

Our goal is to empower School Leaders and DIET (District Institute of Educational Training) Mentors to improve academics and social awareness and innovation across the entire state, reaching all 12 DIETs in their respective districts in Himachal Pradesh in collaboration with SSA (Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan) and SCERT (State Council of Educational Research and Training).

How You Can Help

With the education department supporting with program operating costs, we need your support in raising INR 24,00,000 to implement the program. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Donate: Every contribution matters. By donating INR 160, you can help 1 school to receive holistic training with our program. A contribution of INR 31,000, can enable 1 entire block, and you can support a district by contributing INR 2,00,000.
  • Share: If you can’t donate, help us spread the word far and wide!
  • Volunteer: Help us amplify our fundraising efforts or contribute directly to our programs. Reach out to with requests.
  • Connect: We are looking for connections to corporates, foundations, or individuals who support education interventions in Himachal Pradesh (Baddi or Nalagarh) to fundraise for the entire program. Be our friend-raiser!

Join Us in Making a Difference

As the heatwave grips the country, and you pack your bags for a trip to the hills, we invite you to make a pit stop at Solan, and engage with our champions working towards creating a better environment. We will share regular updates and donation receipts (80G compliant) for your contributions.

Together, let’s make Himachal Pradesh a Holistic Pradesh. Your support can improve the quality of learning for 13,00,000 children, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to build a better future. Be our #ShikshaSaathi today!

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Barefoot Edu Foundation

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Barefoot Edu Foundation

Barefoot Edu Foundation


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