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#BridgeTheGapToSchool for children living in Child Care Institutes

Campaign by Catalysts for Social Action

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Over 3.5 lakh children in India live in Child Care Institutions (CCIs). The lack of internet facilities and digital learning devices is keeping these children devoid of basic education. Help Catalyst for Social Action, an organisation working with multiple CCIs across the nation, to provide essential services like nutrition and education to children in these institutions. It takes only ₹1,000 to support the needs of one child for a month.

India is home to approx. 30 million children in need of care and protection, out of these approx. 3,70,000* children live in childcare institutions. 

These children living in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) have a right to living in a safe, protected and hygienic environment akin to children residing with their families. 

CCIs sometimes lack the funds or resources to maintain upkeep or upgrade their facilities that are essential to provide a protected and clean surrounding for children to grow in. In general, CCIs are barely able to provide basic needs - clean facilities, basic education, hygiene, healthcare and reasonable nutrition.

Since the pandemic hit us all in early 2020, schools have been closed and have switched to an online forum. However, for low-income communities lacking resources, the shift to online education has been abysmal. Lack of internet and data, phone and learning devices, and other essentials for education are hampering students learning process. Resulting in children dropping out of school and engaging in Child Marriage and Child Labour. 

According to a 2020 ASER report, a mere 33.5% of children from government schools have access to learning materials like textbooks or worksheets in print or virtual form.

Objectives of the Digital Engagement Program - #BridgeTheGapToSchool

  1. The second wave of COVID has impacted our CCIs again, that to a great extent this time. Blended learning is at a halt and we need to switch to a completely online forum. Health and treatment along with Nutrition have emerged as a great need, However, we can not minus the importance of Education, Wellness, and different Learning forums to engage all the children meaningfully. The question with us is can we do more and different this time using the online forum?
  2. We have a strong infrastructure to deliver online engagement, almost with more than 90% of existing CCIs
  3. We have an experienced team and resources to curate the program. Also, Phase-1 has set up a positive tone for the next phase
  4. This program can increase the learning time and outcome by online teaching with appointed Teachers and Developmental aspects facilitated by POs and other subject experts and forums.
  5. Personal and Social wellness has emerged as a prime to address
  6. We envisage that this learning arrangement is required for children to effectively engage in learning, group work, channelize their energies, dealing with distress/hidden stress.


  1. To Improve the basic learning level of the children 
  2. Out of the school academic support through Tuition training for language & Mathematics
  3. Recruitment of Tuition Teachers (TTs) and bi-yearly training on innovative teaching & learning practices
  4. Baseline & Endline assessments to review the intervention and impact
  5. Focused Bi-monthly classroom engagements by CSA Program Officers
  6. Monthly Staff Review staff with all the TTs and trustees/CCI manager
  7. Provision of education material – school uniforms, shoes, stationery etc, availability and support for school fees

Vocational Education

To provide skills to children based on their interest through various vocational education training

  1. Organization/execution of various vocational education training for 14+ yrs children (e.g. – computer training, self-defence etc.)

Learn with fun

Creating an ecosystem for fun and learning 

  1. Arranging educational visits to historic places
  2. Festival celebration
  3. Learning through extracurricular forums & hobby classes

The evolved Blended Learning model will be implemented wherein some aspects of our program will move to online while some aspects will still be delivered by our tutors. We value the human touch experience especially for our children and would continue to have it as a part of our Education Program to be implemented across all CCIs. 

Catalysts for Social Action

Catalysts for Social Action

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Catalysts for Social Action

Catalysts for Social Action


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