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Our vision is to build a better, cleaner, and brighter world for our future generation by fostering education, creating livelihood & embracing sustainability. We tirelessly dedicate our efforts to foster quality education through comprehensive mentorship, financial support, and supplementary tuition. 

3 reasons to support us:

  1. Full Transparency: You can track your children, their performance, your donations & all disbursements with bank confirmations yourself.
  2. Lowest Running Cost: We are highly technology-driven, network-based organization to keep our running cost lowest through automation, self-service & low-touch delivery model, so that maximum fund goes to children.
  3. Compliance & Tax Benefits: We are fully compliant with regulatory requirements. All your donations to My Children Foundation are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act.

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Our approach involves harnessing technology as a catalyst to achieve these objectives. Donors and supporters benefit from a user-friendly online platform where they can monitor their donations, track fund utilization, and stay informed about the impact and progress of the projects or children they have supported. We have streamlined our operations to keep running costs at a minimum through automation, self-service, and a low-touch delivery model.

We also strive to break the cycle of poverty by generating diverse livelihood opportunities and promote sustainability through producing eco-friendly products and reducing waste, creating a more liveable and thriving planet for the generations to come. Furthermore, embracing a circular economy, we actively participate in the collection and recycling of old products, contributing to efforts to reduce waste through reprocessing and redesign.

Our Approach:

To address these challenges, our strategy encompasses three pillars:

1.      Building self-confidence in children through learning centers:

Establishing learning centers nationwide to reach remote areas, fostering self-confidence through education and activities. This will help us to reach remotest places, building relationship with local people and instilling self-confidence among underprivileged children. They will get an inspiring environment through activities like music, dance etc as well as learn basic education & life skills. This will also help us to identify children who have higher potential in any field to put them into our comprehensive support program.

2.      Providing comprehensive support to children with high potential:

Identifying and supporting talented children through a three-step process: identification, mentorship, and last-mile support.

·      Identify the right child - There are mainly two sources of children

o  Direct: Apart from our own learning canters, we will approach different institutions like schools, orphanages to identify raw talented children.

o  Indirect: Potential children can be reported by anyone on our website. Those children are filtered and prioritized to channelize our fund towards right children.

·      Connect a mentor - We will search like-minded people who want to support these children. Willing mentors can reach us or we approach them through different channels. Trust also directly supports children based on its capacity. This is not just a financial assistance program, rather mentor takes the ownership and provides all kind of assistance including guidance.

·      Meet the last mile - A person can become mentor remotely without any geographical limitation. We build the last mile connection to deliver required materials, services, manpower. We provide digital access to all mentors to check their mentees, their performance & fund utilization. We also deploy change agents who are local persons and can build relationship and execute.

3.      Creating a local ecosystem to foster livelihood and sustainability:

Establishing a local ecosystem involving parents, institutions, children, mentors, and change agents, promoting skill development and creating a sustainable supply chain. We build skill & capacity, create a viable supply chain and empower people to produce products to generate a continuous revenue stream. Our digital platform will help them to reach markets and sell their products in a sustainable manner. We will focus more on eco-friendly, natural, organic products.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle – This has been the mantra for years. People are shopping and buying more, so the output of clothing is higher. However, the quick fashion industry and overstuffed closets, have all contributed to overflowing landfills. My Children has taken an initiative to collect old clothes, classify them and then recycle or redesign or repurpose.

Intended Impact:

Our initiative has both immediate and long-term social impacts:

Immediate Impact:

·      Continuation of education for less privileged children.

·      Incentives for parents to support their children's education.

·      Sustainable livelihoods for families.

·      Improved nurturing environments for children.

·      Job creation through sustainability and livelihood initiatives.

Long-term Impact:

·      Reduction in school drop-out rates and child labor.

·      Systematic income distribution to break the cycle of poverty.

·      Mindset change regarding education and gender roles.

·      Balanced society with educated and aware individuals.

·      ·      Positive economic impact, increased demand, and entrepreneurship at the grassroots level.

·      Socio-political improvements, including reduced crime and better governance.

·      A happier society through altruism and empathy.

·      A better and cleaner world for future generations

My Children Foundation

My Children Foundation

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Debashis Majumder

Debashis Majumder


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