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Bundelkhand - A draught that never ends. Help WaterAid Provide Clean and Safe Water to Families

Campaign by Jal Seva Charitable Foundation (WaterAid India)

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Acute scarcity of water has pushed Bundelkhand down on most social and economic parameters of well-being. Increasing school drop-out rates, rising health issues, lack of livelihood opportunities and large-scale migration are just some of the effects that have intensified due to the drought. Health is a vital indicator of the standard of living and well-being of every community. With shortage of water and a missing water management system, the only drinking water that is available in large parts of Bundelkhand is unclean and prone to make people sick. Over-exploitation of ground water and absence of sufficient recharge have wreaked havoc on the ecology of the region. 70 percent of all wells, streams, lakes and ponds have dried up. And digging deeper can further de-stabilise the water-table and ruin aquifers that are connected to adjoining villages.

There is a direct and indirect relationship between not having water security and the fulfilment of dreams and aspirations of people in a community. WaterAid India has launched a campaign to highlight many such stories that throw light on the impact, unclean water has on lives of people belonging to villages like Chamraha and Chatgan from Banda district, and Saipur Maafi and Jariha from Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh.

WaterAid India has been working in Bundelkhand for over a decade and has provided people access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. But more support is needed. ‘Dreams For Sale’ is an initiative by WaterAid India to create awareness and generate widespread support for people in villages who still grapple with lack of access to clean water. Through the funds raised, WaterAid

Through your support, WaterAid India will intervene in the community and conduct the following activities

• Repair of the 5 hand pumps to ensure regular supply of water near homes

• One piped water supply scheme to enable household water connection with public stand posts

• Installation of a bore well with power pump, storage tank and taps in school and Anganwadi centre.

• Installation of roof top rainwater harvesting structure in schools and Anganwadi

In the long term, access to clean drinking water will lead to improved health, reduced incidence of illness, and increased longevity of children in schools. All of this ultimately contributes to a healthier and more productive generation of young leaders in India.

Access to clean water means education, livelihood, dignity and freedom. Dreams for Sale campaign is an effort by WaterAid India to help these people live their life by gaining access to something as basic as water.

Jal Seva Charitable Foundation (WaterAid India)

Jal Seva Charitable Foundation (WaterAid India)

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