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Care to Senior Citizens

Campaign by Arasan Rural Development Society (ARDS)

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The people who have worked hard and suffered for the wel-lbeing of their families are suffering

from poverty, lack of support, negligence by family members, societies, etc. These old age

people are affected by diseases such as heart diseases, diabetics, piles, tuberculosis, asthma,

knee and angle problems, etc. They require not only shelter, food, clothing, etc. but also medical

help. The senior citizens are eagerly waiting for the love, affection and care from their family members.

Some of the families, due to poor income and poverty, are not able to take care of the old people. In those families, the aged people have no other alternative except joining old

age homes which run on charity. But in some families, due to employment and business, the

sons are employed in foreign countries and in various cities in the country. Under such

circumstances the family members could not give attention and care to the aged people. They leave their aged parents in the old age homes and take care of the expenses.

Goal: To ensure a sound and friendly environment for the poor, helpless and destitute old aged persons and working towards fostering their physical, mental, social and spiritual development and well-being.

Purpose of the project: To ensure access for poor, helpless and destitute, old aged persons in Nanguneri to safe accommodation, tender love, proper care, nourishment, health services and other basic needs through establishment and operation of a sustainable old age home.

Specific Objectives:

1. To establish a well constructed, well managed and safe old age home at a suitable place.

2. To ensure adequate nourishment and clothes for them.

3. To ensure access to instant and quality health care

4. To create an effective, old age friendly environment so that they can live peacefully as if in their own home.

5. To provide them access to fellowship activities, recreational facilities, mental support, social affairs and spiritual formation.

6. To promote resource generating activities for financial sustainability of the old age home beyond donor funding.

Specific areas of needs to be addressed by the project are:

1. Foods and clothes: The family or care-givers of the old people cannot afford nutritious foods for them. Because they are unable to work, an aged person cannot afford clothing as per their needs. Therefore, the poor helpless and destitute old people will be given residential facilities need to be provided with food and clothes, free of cost.

2. Health-care facility: The poor, aged people do not get health care services and remain untreated for many disease, which is dangerous at their age. Therefore, regular medical check-ups and health care should be arranged for them.

3. Mental, social and spiritual development: They are often deprived of proper care, tender love and participation in – social events, spiritual activities. Therefore, these old aged persons need facilities for nursing, recreation and socialization.

4. Sustainability of an old age home: Last of all, even after establishment of an old age home fulfilling all the above needs, sustainability of the home will still be a major concern. Therefore, profitable resource generating programs need to be implemented side by side with the home activities.

The ultimate impact of the project will be that the poor helpless and destitute old people from the remote Bandarban will enjoy a sound and fulfilling life replete with physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual development and well being. More specifically:

1. They will have a safe accommodation and placement where they will enjoy their old age life in a familial environment.

2. Receiving adequate nutrition, physical exercise and quality healthcare, the poor helpless and destitute old aged will lead a healthful life.

3. Tender love and care will bring a pleasant and enjoyable old age life for them and also offer them emotional release from depression and anxiety.

4. Finally, the old aged home will contribute to building the life of poor, helpless and destitute old aged person so that they can be an active person having love, fellow feeling and responsibility for significantly contributing to the overall development and reformation of the society and nation.

Arasan Rural Development Society (ARDS)

Arasan Rural Development Society (ARDS)

Beneficiary Charity

Krishna Rani Nayak

Krishna Rani Nayak


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