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Caring concept for HIV /AIDSchildren in India.

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The major issue is HIV stigma/discrimination associated with the community. They are facing red flags with HIV status disclosure. The medical attention, as well as school admissions for such children, are at stake. To overcome this, we take care of the affected children in India.

No cure for HIV /AIDS is the cause of concern. The limited lifespan for these children necessitates the need to provide a better lifestyle. DESIRE Society is committed to providing basic core needs.

The mother to child transmission is the major mode of the children infected with HIV by birth. The HIV awareness is still lacking in India. Minimizing the effect of such transmission can be achieved with government intervention and charity organization like us in the field of caring for HIV children.

The concerned HIV children have a high potential of losing both the parents with HIV. It is no fault of such children that they suffer from HIV /AIDS. Our concept is to establish institutional care home (ICH) facility at aforesaid five city locations in India. They should be equally treated like any other normal child in the community. DESIRE Society is bound to make it happen as a ground reality.

The poor socio-economic segment of society is the most vulnerable and gets infected with HIV due to the lack of HIV awareness issues. Even from the Government, adults with HIV are given a lot of attention but the children often get neglected. To reduce such gap, DESIRE Society will exclusively work towards HIV children’s cause in India.

It conceptualizes the caring of such special children within the scope of a care home. The services at a care home have components of nutritive food/medical care / private schooling facility.

Nutrition -The dietary chart is maintained for them. It has a balance of macro and micronutrients added in the food intake.The supplementary packs is another addition of nutritive value in their daily food consumption. The child based on their medical status is put on special diets if required.

Medical care: The team of medical and paramedical staff is linked to regulation of their day today health status. The monthly doctor review meeting is a controlling factor to have an atmosphere of better medical care within the scope of a care home.

Private schooling: The basic educational facility is diverted towards private schooling part. These private school/colleges are opted with the shift over to English Medium of studies. The 100% payment of school expenses are borne by us in order to have equalizer status along with other normal children in respective school.

The number of enrolled care home children comes to 300 at present. It is inclusive of five city location based facility within boundaries of a care home.

The quality of life is another factor to be highlighted. This project of care home establishments via services of nutritive food/ medical care /private schooling leads to extendable lifespan for such children. Quality and Quantity of enrolled children life pattern under the umbrella of care home structure is a reflection of impact observed via the implementation of this project.

DESIRE Society

DESIRE Society

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dr neelima atal mohanty

dr neelima atal mohanty


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