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Childhood Cancer Knows no borders -Neither should its cure #nomoreborders-India

Campaign by CanKids KidsCan

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80% of children with cancer live in low middle income countries like India . They have less than a 20% childhood cancer survival rate

20% of the children with cancer live in high income countries . They have more than an 80% childhood cancer survival rate.

WHO has launched a GLobal Initiative on CHildhood Cancer - and a call out to MEMBER nations to ensure 60% survival rate in all LMICs.

IN India - where survival rates are about 30-40%, where 65% children do not even make it to a cancer center anywhere in the country - the Health Ministry has not included childhood cancer as a focus in the NPCDCS. Yet there are centers in INdia that have 80% and even higher survival rates!

Children with cancer in India deserve the best treatment care and support. They deserve equal access to care - Anytime ! Anywhere!

"Mr Prime Minister - Why should where I am born decide whether I survive or not? " ask the children

#nomoreborders #nomorebordersIndia

Childhood Cancer Survivors Leaders of Cankids Kidscan Konnect - Teenage and Young Adult CHildhood Cancer Survivor Group have launched a Haq ki Baat campaign. We are:

  1. Asking to meet the Prime Minister of India - Mr Modi -why should where I am born decide whether I survive or not..
  2. We are raising 300,000 pledges under iPLEDGE- 1 for each child who has cancer somewhere in the world each year - for Childhood Cancer to be a child and health priority in India . We will present these pledges of support to the PM when he meets us.
  3. We are creating awareness around the country about Childhood Cancer and Access to Care - pinning gold ribbons, doing nukkad nataks, flashmobs, and awareness talks in schools colleges rural and urban areas.
  4. We are also raising urgently needed funds for the holistic care of 200 children with cancer and their families provided by Cankids under its YANA you are not alone program pan India @ Rs 25000 per child per annum. Total Rs 50 lakhs by March 31st 2020. Holistic Care includes medical support for drugs, diagnostics, therapies, prosthetics, treatment supportive care - nutrition, hygiene, infection control, blood support, Home away from Home, Education support, Emotional and Psychological Support , Child LIfe, Family Engagement, Patient Navigation, Information and Access, Survivorship and Palliative Care

THe No More Borders Campaign and Project will provide Equal access to Care for Children with Cancer and their families in the Country.

Providing Holistic care to the children will improve SUrvival Rates, Enable Right to Health and QUality of Life during Cancer treatment and after and Secure the 5 RIghts of the health impaired child with cancer - to Health, Educaiton, CHildhood, Pain free and Palliative Care and the Roght to be Heard.

CanKids KidsCan

CanKids KidsCan

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