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“My 4-year-old son was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia. We brought him to Mumbai 6 months back when he was fighting for life. But within a couple of months, Vidhan’s condition improved drastically. Apart from the chemotherapy, one thing that has had a significant impact on his health is the nutrition support provided by Cuddles Foundation,” says Meenakshi Motiwala, who hails from Dhule Maharashtra. Meenakshi and her husband had no means of supporting Vidhan with special nutrition, but thanks to the NGO, their son is in better shape.

Cuddles Foundation is a nonprofit that helps over 15,000 children fight cancer each year, but there are thousands more still battling cancer and in need of help. Help the NGO extend its reach and save many more lives.

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Doctors often say that proper nutrition is the first line of treatment for children fighting cancer. However, because of poor financial background, many parents can’t give their kids life-saving nutrition and often witness the condition deteriorate before their eyes.

Non profit organisation Cuddles Foundation has been on a mission to give underprivileged children having cancer a fighting chance against the disease with complete nutritional support. 

Giving kids battling cancer a fighting chance

“We have observed that there is a marked improvement in the health and nutritional status of 80% of children with cancer by giving them proper meals. Nutritional support can not only give a child the strength needed to go through chemotherapy, but also help in reducing the side effects of cancer treatment significantly. Sadly, the life-saving nutrition needed to help children defeat cancer is well beyond the reach for many parents due to their financial condition,” says Purnota Dutta Bahl, founder of the nonprofit. 

Purnota embarked upon the mission to save the lives of children with cancer 10 years back after a chance visit to the Tata Memorial Hospital. “I saw a baby girl who back then, was about the same age as my daughter. The girl was fighting cancer and was visibly malnourished. I was informed by the nurse that children get treatment for cancer at the hospital free of cost, but their condition keeps deteriorating as their parents can’t afford the required nutrition. It was on that day that I decided to at least give these children a fighting chance against cancer,” explains the founder of the nonprofit organisation. 

Donate to heal thousands more

“We have been able to take our programme to over 35 hospitals, spread across 25 cities. But still there are thousands of children we are yet to reach. The cost of providing nutritional support to a child suffering from cancer is about ₹60,000 per year. Cancer is absolutely curable. A little love and support from you can help children suffering from cancer complete their treatment and go on to live functional and productive lives in the future,” says Purnota.

Donate to this fundraiser by Give, India’s largest fundraising platform, to support Cuddles Foundation in their mission to give life-saving nutrition to children suffering from cancer and give them the strength to fight cancer. 

1 Apr, 2024

Aditya's (name changed) journey with Ewing's Sarcoma, a formidable adversary, highlights the critical role of nutritional support in the battle against cancer. At just 15, Aditya faced an uphill battle, exacerbated by his severely underweight condition at diagnosis. The intervention of the Cuddles Foundation, particularly through the efforts of his nutritionist Moumita, has been transformative.

Moumita's dedication went beyond mere dietary planning; it involved building trust and understanding with Aditya's family, underscoring the importance of nutrition in cancer treatment. This comprehensive support system, made possible by donations, has significantly improved Aditya's health, allowing him to gain the necessary strength and weight to continue his fight against cancer.

Aditya's story is not just about medical treatment; it's about the hope and determination to live a life beyond the illness. His dream of experiencing the simple joy of being by the sea once more is a poignant reminder of the profound impact that nutritional and emotional support can have on a young life.

Your contributions to the Cuddles Foundation have been instrumental in this journey, offering not just nutritional support but also a beacon of hope for Aditya and many others like him. With each donation, the Foundation moves closer to its goal of extending life-saving nutrition to every child battling cancer, enabling them to fight the disease with strength and resilience.

Let's continue to support this noble cause. Every contribution brings us one step closer to turning the dreams of children like Aditya into reality, giving them the strength to fight cancer and embrace the future with hope and health.

Donate now to change the world for the better.

27 Dec, 2023
  • Cuddles handpicks and trains clinical nutritionists to provide nutritional care

  • Nutritional aid provided at no cost - Beneficiaries are given nutritional supplements, hot meals, and nutrient-dense snacks

  • Cuddles Foundation employs a holistic nutritional aid method wherein caregivers are trained to adapt to their patient's nutritional needs within their economic means

Cuddles has managed to provide hot, nutritious food to 3,642 underprivileged children suffering from cancer but we still need your help! Donate now to extend Cuddles reach and brighten the lives of thousands more children.

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