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Contribute generously to purchase a SCHOOL BUS for the rural students of Akal Academy, Manoli Surat, Dera Bassi, Punjab - Add smiles to their journey

Campaign by The Kalgidhar Society

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Almost 50% of Students Commute To School On Foot In India: NAS 2021 Data.

Nearly half of the school-going kids in India travel to their respective schools on foot. As per the National Achievement Survey (NAS) 2021 - Ministry of Education, 48 per cent of students commute to school on foot, and 18 per cent use a bicycle. It also revealed that the total percentage of students using the school and public transport is around 9 per cent each. Meanwhile, 8% of students commute to school via their vehicle (two-wheeler), while just 3% come to school using their four-wheeler.

Akal Academy, under the aegis of The Kalgidhar Society, is always keen to improve the overall educational infrastructure of their schools in rural belts of 5 northern states, and precisely school transport as it is one of the significant aspects which plays a vital role in providing education to the students residing in the countryside. More than 37,500 students from over 6450 villages come to 129 Akal Academies daily, and we provide school transport to students living at a distance ranging from 4 to 60 kilometres. In an urban setup, this was a simple task. In rural areas, though, travelling is not easy as the transport facilities still need to be developed.

Larger Project Benefits

⦁ Each year, around 1500-2000 Students from rural low & middle-income categories, with around 30% being from SC/ST/OBC categories, will get free-of-cost accommodation during their academic tenure.

⦁ Another 15000+ underprivileged students will pass out higher secondary education in a decade with this program.

⦁ Rural Talent will be retained in rural areas.

⦁ Sharpen scientific skills in basic, primary and secondary education for the rural children

⦁ Approximately 1300+ parents have socio-economic benefits every year.

⦁ Generation of direct employment for hundreds through suppliers, construction workers, guards, gardeners, transport and allied services for schools.

⦁ Leverage cost-effective technologies to disseminate innovative, high-impact learning tools and methods

⦁ Inspiring the local community to move away from Drug and Alcohol abuse

⦁ The educated students are becoming employable and wage earners for their families, positively impacting the local area's GDP and the Indian economy.

⦁ Create a bank of employable and educated youth that contributes to the nation's economic health.

⦁ Rural students should be able to explore finer aspects of Science and the subtle issues of human values in the same breath

⦁ Through educated youth, enough awareness of the perils of rampant use of pesticides/fertilizers can be spread

⦁ With educated persons in the community, enough change can be catalysed in society towards health, social and economic issues.

⦁ Every educated girl can change the DNA of the three immediate families that she lives within.

⦁ Rural students give back to society after achieving their goals

The Kalgidhar Society

The Kalgidhar Society

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Harmeet Singh

Harmeet Singh


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