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Problem statement: 

Access to quality healthcare is a basic human right, but for millions of people in India, this need remains unfulfilled. Lack of infrastructure, a shortage of qualified doctors, and the high cost of healthcare are just a few of the challenges that people in India face when seeking medical care. These issues disproportionately affect those living in remote areas and marginalized communities, leaving them with limited options for care and often leading to significant out-of-pocket expenses.

The scale of the Problem:

·      Lack of qualified doctors with a doctor-to-population ratio of 1:834, far less than the WHO recommendation of 45 doctors per 10,000 population.

·      Dearth of 18 lacs qualified doctors in India, with 80% of healthcare workers in rural India being unregistered medical practitioners.

·      Inadequate healthcare infrastructure, with the availability of facilities being 22% at the Primary Healthcare Centre and 30% at the Community Healthcare Centres levels.

·      Expensive care at large distances, with marginalized groups spending 70-80% of their pockets in hospitals of tier-1 cities.

Inferior quality of treatment, with 80% of outpatient care at rural hospitals provided by unqualified practitioners.

Proposal statement: 

Our proposal is to expand our telemedicine centers, improve the quality of care, and develop a comprehensive rural healthcare ecosystem that includes electronic health records (EHRs), referral links, and awareness services. By doing so, we hope to reduce the burden on patients and their families, improve health outcomes, and bridge the gap in access to quality healthcare. 

The DigiSwasthya Model:  

Telemedicine: DigiSwasthya, through a telemedicine platform, enables patients in remote and underprivileged areas get access to healthcare services. Patients can connect with quality healthcare providers from Mumbai, Delhi, etc., via video consultations, reducing the need for travel and wait times. 

Community Outreach: DigiSwasthya has established community outreach programs to educate patients and families about the importance of early detection and prevention of diseases. The programs are tailored to specific communities and are delivered in local languages. 

Health Camps: DigiSwasthya operates health camps where its patient navigators travel to remote and underserved areas with the aim to provide last-mile screening for cancer in rural and marginalized areas.  

Financial Assistance: DigiSwasthya also provides need-based financial assistance to patients who cannot afford healthcare services. The funds cover the cost of medical procedures, medications, and follow-up care. 

Organizational Information:

The DigiSwasthya Foundation (registered on 3rd June 2021) is a Section 8 organization registered under the Companies Act 2013. The mission of our organization is to provide accessible and affordable healthcare services for rural and marginalized communities across India by leveraging technology.

The DigiSwasthya Foundation has been operational since July 2020 and has provided over 21,867+ teleconsultations in India through our centres in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Maharashtra. We have onboarded 115+ healthcare professionals across India. Our team conducted 576 Health and awareness camps in the villages, impacting approx. 6.5 lakh beneficiaries in the past 2.5 years of operations.

Project Goal: 

Improve access to quality healthcare in underserved communities in India through telemedicine services by adopting a Phygital approach.  


  • To establish telemedicine centres in remote and underserved areas where access to healthcare is limited.
  • To provide affordable and accessible healthcare services to marginalized communities and those living in poverty.
  • To improve the quality of healthcare services by providing access to qualified medical professionals and ensuring that all consultations are conducted in compliance with established medical guidelines.
  • To conduct health education and awareness programs to promote preventive healthcare practices and increase awareness about common illnesses and diseases.
  • To collect data on the health status and healthcare needs of the communities we serve and use this information to develop targeted healthcare interventions that are tailored to the specific needs of each community.

 Project activities: 

  • Phygital Telemedicine Centre which will connect patients in Sant Kabir Nagar with physicians & specialists in Tier-1 cities via teleconsultations. This includes pandemic preparedness among the community to build resilience and decrease disaster risk reduction.
  • Organizing healthcare awareness and health check-up camps for villagers using digital devices and generating electronic medical records & prescriptions. The number of camps:
  • Referral networks to hospitals for tertiary care and provide subsidized services to patients from diagnostic centres and pharmacies through partnerships.  

Socio-Economic Background:

Our proposal targets underserved communities living in remote areas of India, where access to quality healthcare is limited. These communities are often marginalized and face economic challenges that make it difficult for them to access healthcare. Many are daily wage workers who cannot afford to take time off work, and the cost of healthcare can be a significant financial burden. As a result, they often delay seeking care until their condition becomes critical, leading to higher treatment costs and poor health outcomes.  

Beneficiary Selection Criteria:

Our organization uses a set of criteria to select beneficiaries for our telemedicine services. We prioritize those living in remote areas with limited access to healthcare facilities and those from marginalized communities. We also prioritize those with chronic conditions or illnesses that require ongoing care. 

Before setting up any telemedicine centre, to ensure that our services are tailored to the needs of the communities we serve, we conduct teleconsultation camps to identify the most pressing healthcare needs. These camps provide an opportunity for us to engage with the community, identify key health concerns and assess the current health infrastructure. We also conduct an elaborate needs assessment by talking to people and analysing village and district-level data to understand the healthcare needs of the community. 

 We ensure that our services are accessible to all, regardless of their ability to pay, and we offer free consultations to those who cannot afford to pay. Our selection criteria are designed to reach those who are most in need of our services and who would otherwise be unable to access quality healthcare.

DigiSwasthya Foundation

DigiSwasthya Foundation

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DigiSwasthya Foundation

DigiSwasthya Foundation


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