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DIGNITY: Livelihoods for Special Mothers

Campaign by Satya Special School

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Mothers of children with special needs often bear the brunt of the disability: fathers often desert the mother and the child, and regular employment with a child with special needs becomes difficult. Mothers are left with no real way to earn a steady income, and increases their economic dependence. The children too, are caught in the cycle, unable to live a dignified independent life.

Our Livelihoods Project, DIGNITY, helps mothers of children with special needs not just have a livelihood for themselves, but also involve their children, and other youth with disabilities in their businesses. DIGNITY helps set up small businesses for these women, so that they can continue earning and working, while providing a way for other youth with disabilities to also create a livelihood for themselves. DIGNITY provides the seed capital and training to help the women start and run businesses. We also help create marketing channels where required. Examples of enterprises include: idiappam flour making, basket weaving, petty shop, etc.

With DIGNITY, women and youth with disabilities will earn a livelihood and learn important life skills to help them in their lives. We plan to provide the seed money for fifteen (15) businesses for starters, and request your help for the same. With an average of two helpers per business, the project will help 45 people with their livelihoods.


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Mothers have started their businesses!
Thank you for supporting the mothers of special children with seed money for their business. First, wish you all a happy festive season ahead. Let us hope this heralds the beginning of a new dawn. We were able to support mothers with the following businesses. We had to also include a few women with disabilities as their needs were very dire: Paper quilling: 2 mothersNutritional powder (sathumaavu)Idiyappam mavuHandicrafts shopSmall plastic toys, etc. Appalam (papad) businessAgarbatti makingMasks and kerchiefs near templeDoor-to-door selling of petticoats, blouses etc.: 2 mothersDTP centre: 2 mothersTailoring centre The businesses are going well so far. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this continues. We also conduct training on business and finance for these women. Unfortunately, four mothers started their businesses, but could not sustain the same because of the second wave and so, had to shut shop. We are striving to get them back on their feet. Thank you again, for your support!
Satya Special School

Satya Special School

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