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Distribution Of Healthcare Equipment And Relief Material Among Destitute Elderly

Campaign by Agewell Foundation

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  • With the erosion of the traditional joint family system, older persons are the most affected section of the society; many of them find it very hard to adjust/adapt to changed conditions. In absence of proper support mechanisms in the Old Age, today, older people in slum areas are forced to live in the most disadvantaged circumstances. 
  • Older People in India are suffering a lot due to the long-lasting impact of the pandemic situation. It has affected almost every senior citizen and rattled their daily lifestyle. It has not affected the health condition of older persons but also marred their social life and affected their psychosocial and financial well-being as well.
  • In slum areas and resettlement colonies, the majority of older persons live in poor families, where earning members can't even feed their families properly with their limited income. In these families, basic health care, nutrition, and proper food needs of older persons remained unaddressed. Joblessness due to current lockdown/restrictions has further deteriorated the situation of the elderly. Their life has become compromised to a large extent.

Agewell proposes to distribute all possible relief materials to destitute older persons living in slums with the objective to improve their quality of life and health condition by providing them with necessary healthcare equipment, nutritious and healthy food items & other support.

Proposed relief/health care/support material to be distributed among destitute elderly

  • ·       Free Dry Food Ration Packets to underprivileged elderly on a monthly basis
  • ·       Wheelchairs for destitute elderly unable to move around
  • ·       Adult Diapers to bedridden and ailing elderly on a regular basis
  • ·       Walkers to help the elderly walk freely
  • ·       Agewell Wellness Kits to improve quality of life in old age
  • ·       Agewell Nutri Kits to improve the immunity of the elderly on a monthly basis
  • ·       Agewell Gift Packs to support poor and needy elderly

Methodology of the project

  • ·       Survey of slum clusters/ resettlement colonies across Delhi-NCR
  • ·       Identification, selection, and finalization of project beneficiaries
  • ·       Procurement of food items, healthcare equipment, and other project material
  • ·       Distribution of Food Packets, Wheelchairs, Walkers, Adult Diapers, Wellness Kits, Gift Packs and Nutri kits among pre-identified elderly
  • ·       Course correction during the project i.e. identification of new beneficiaries to replace shifted / unavailable beneficiaries
  • ·       Supervision, monitoring, coordination, reporting, etc.
  • ·       Submission of Project Completion Report along with details/photographs of beneficiaries and Fund Utilization Certificate.
  • The project will ensure better health conditions and quality of life for beneficiary elderly in long run. At the same time, their family members will also be more careful towards them.
  • The project will ensure dignity, respect and comfortable old age for the destitute elderly.
  • The project will also help in creating older persons-friendly society and spreading awareness about the needs & rights of older persons.
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Agewell Foundation

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Agewell Foundation

Agewell Foundation


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