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Amudha’s story of strength and hope had an unbelievable start. When she was born, **her parents were disappointed to have had a girl. Since she was also visually impaired, they thought that she would become too much of a burden **and left her with her grandfather. Amudha’s grandfather believed in her. He did not think that being a girl or being visually impaired determined her future. He motivated her to stay in school and to continue secondary education at The Indian Association for the Blind. **IAB gave Amudha the chance to learn the same syllabus as children across India.** She completed class 12 with their help and went on to get a **Bachelors and Masters degree in History, followed by a B.Ed from Stephens.**Today Amudha is a teacher in a government school in Tamil Nadu. She is a pillar of strength for her family and a source of inspiration for many around her. She motivates those who think that life is unfair by showing them how she could change her story with the right help.

About The Program

The Indian Association for the Blind is committed to empowering the visually challenged by providing them with the best possible education. IAB took its first step by setting up the IAB Higher Secondary School in 1992. The effort and commitment of the teachers have paid off with the school achieving almost 100% results in the class X and XII board exams since 1995. The School follows the same syllabus as institutions for sighted children. It is only the method of instruction and mode of examination that varies with students writing their board exams with the help of scribes. The IAB Higher Secondary School started with just a handful of students. Today it is the only co-educational higher secondary school of its kind in Tamil Nadu with well-equipped classrooms, computer labs, libraries and a playground. Donations made to this program support the cost of uniforms, shoes, braille material, and staff salaries.

About The NGO

The Indian Association for the Blind (IAB) is popularly known as the temple for rehabilitation, that affirms its commitment to empower visually challenged people to practice self-reliance by providing comprehensive rehabilitation, education and employment opportunities to them. Based at Madurai, their special focus on economically disadvantaged visually challenged children and adults has fostered education and rehabilitation to more than 11,000 visually challenged people. With over 24 projects that enhance the quality and quantity of educational and employment opportunities, their activities have benefited 20% of the visually challenged population of Tamil Nadu. The long list of awards that this association has been honored with includes the Millennium Award by All India Confederation for the Blind, New Delhi, CSR Award, IBN7 Super Idol Award and the National Award by the President of India. Providing assistance in education, career, and residence, the members of IAB are committed to raise the living standard of visually impaired people and help them travel the road to independence and self-reliance.

Indian Association for the Blind

Indian Association for the Blind

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Rohit Nair

Rohit Nair


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