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Educating 100 Children in 2 Slums in Delhi

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Education is a dream for millions of children who struggle to survive daily. Education on Wheels is a unique programme that uses a bus equipped with teaching aids to visit children in the slums to educate them. The project aims to educate children whose parents have no choice but to leave them to fend for themselves during the day while they are away earning for the family.

Education on wheels (EOW) brings the school home. A well-equipped bus with computers, TV, and other essential education-related materials arrives at the doorstep of the user/ beneficiary/prospective student. In one single stroke it eliminates handicap of distance, cumbersome travel, and issues regarding safety and security of the student.

Most of these children live in slums or outskirts of the city and are engaged in part-time work. Their families can neither afford their education nor is it a priority for them. However, once they understand the concept of EOW they are open to the idea of enrolling their children in the programme. The teaching style is different from the regular traditional methods and is designed in a way that these children can adapt to its methodology.

The key objective of the project is to reach the vast majority of children who are living in vulnerable conditions and are unable to access education in a favourable learning environment. It aims to educate children living on the streets and in impoverished neighbourhoods by providing them functional literacy so they can manage their lives better and be an asset to their families and society. It is designed to enable non-school going children to acquire minimum knowledge and skills and mainstreaming them in formal schools.

Offering avenues in non-formal education

The EOW specialises in non- formal education. It is a form of remedial education that puts students back into school, coaches and guides them on lifeskills, health, nutrition, careers and values.

It provides multi-grade teaching where children of different age groups and levels are taught under one roof by trained and experienced teachers who use special methods and techniques, putting the fun back into learning. The goal is to ensure children continue to learn and not drop out or discontinue.

The motto of EOW is to provide accessible, affordable and efficient education services to marginalised communities and go the extra mile in reaching the unreached. 

The multi-grade system of teaching and the child-centric curriculum finds favour with those who get associated with EOW. The well equipped bus also provides basic computer education. There is a healthy interaction with teaching staff, including monthly parent teacher meetings and other extra-curricular activities. Proper records are maintained, attendance taken and follow-up done with home visits to discuss any gaps or challenges. Annual picnics and celebration of festivals adds to the bonding and sense of belonging to the EOW concept.

Voices of beneficiaries

“There is no school around my house and my father does not have money to admit me in a private school. I am excited and happy now as EOW has given me admission”

6-year old Sameer from Hoti camp slum, Delhi

“My studies came to a rude halt when my family migrated to Gurugram. Post that I lost two years moving around aimlessly. With the responsibility of two younger siblings on my shoulders, I had no hope of rekindling the flame of education. Now with EOW I can work and study at the same time. I am sure after this my job prospects will improve.”

11-year old Nafeesa, students of a remedial class of EOW.

“My family migrated from Bengal three years ago. My father works as a rag picker and mother is a domestic help. I too accompany my father to the garbage dumps sometimes. Once I started EOW classes, my teachers realised I was a sharp and keen learner. Today, I am a strong advocate of the EOW and am a social change agent who motivates other children to study.”

12- year old Hasan, resident of Saraswati Kunj, a slum colony in Gurugram



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Shubhra Shukla

Shubhra Shukla


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