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Education Aid - for Nursery Children in Slums

Campaign by Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization

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The migrating population mostly working as plumbers, electricians, drivers (taxi, auto) vendors, hawkers, auto mechanics, zari workers, residing on rental basis come to the cities in search of employment for better standard of living, to get better education and healthcare for their children. Due to the rising costs of living, they compromise on their educational needs especially pre-primary education. This vulnerability leads to cascading effects, children in their vital age of development which if detected and intervened at the right time (formative years) can be crucial in setting the base for later education.

Today, pre-primary education is more of a commercial venture with most Nursery Schools operating on commercial lines. The pre-primary schools attached to the Municipal schools provide a feeder source for the higher classes while Aanganwadis and ICDS schemes (since 1975) run by Government has not yet made a significant dent in child’s overall development in their early years, as the major focus remains on combating malnourishment. The Government has issues of ineffective planning and implementation of programs, accountability, shortage of qualified early childhood teachers etc.

Government Schools operate Balwadis and Aanganwadis at an extremely low cost with lack of quality learning, while Private ones charge exorbitant fees.

MESCO provides Education Aid to Children in Nurseries

The Children gain from almost 4 decades of expertise & experienced teachers with the following traits:


Qualified, trained teachers.

Bank of teaching aids.

Teaching methodology that the child enjoys – Child centered experiential learning.

Providing nutritious meal as per the advice of dietitian.

Preparations the child to get admission to good English medium high school of the area.

Singular record of having seen over 10,000 students getting admission to high schools of the area around.

The Nurseries have a proper system of internal monitoring and record keeping of the child’s attendance, academic performance, teacher’s observance reports in place. The teachers are instrumental in reaching out to parents and informing them about the admissions and their procedures so that the child is admitted to good high school of the area.

70-80% of the children from Nurseries are enrolled in the Reputed High Schools of the areas; this indicates that we have met our objective of creating awareness and got the parents interested in their children’s education and finally securing admission into good schools. Hopefully all these children will go up the ladder and complete their Board exams.


Through the funds raised through Give India, A child can pay its fees to Nurseries.


Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization

Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization

Beneficiary Charity

snehalata saxena

snehalata saxena


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