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The main concern is to offer quality education to the rural underprivileged first generation learners, especially girls by way of empowering them to move towards financial independence and preparing them to shoulder responsibilities, both as a member of a community and that of a nation. In addition to freedom from poverty and age-old social negligence, sincere efforts are made to guide them out of superstition, social evils and lack of awareness of their rights and duties. Moreover, a sense of cleanliness and healthy habits has to be inculcated in the young minds so that their future will be safe and secure. All these concerns are to be answered by further strengthening their mind set to respect their cultural roots with a sense of pride and honour. Thus quality education imparted at the school should achieve these and many more successes for the good of all the members of these communities.

RDF schools strive to create India’s future leaders, people who not only respect their rich, cultural heritage but are also ready to lead their country into the future. Our constant endeavor includes our sincere attempt to inculcate into young minds a civic sense and social responsibility.

Culture Through Education:

As an educational organization, RDF encourages students to think beyond textbooks. Teachers promote social awareness by providing a forum for open discussion and debate on current issues like dowry, pollution, gender discrimination and other social issues. RDF alumni frequent their alma mater and teach the present generation of students, a way of giving back to their schools. Additionally, teachers emphasize the importance of preserving and respecting one’s roots and environment through activities like traditional dance, folklore, handicrafts, organic gardening and cleaning. This has encouraged students to be proud of what they are. They believe in the dignity of labour and are happy with their identity.

We at RDF hope and believe that our students and alumni will be in touch and continue to be proud of their roots.

As part of our larger vision to extend education to a larger community, we have tied up with Tech Mahindra Foundation in 2013 and adopted two government schools in Bahdoorpally. RDF staff train and guide teachers to embody our values of play-learning, the importance of creativity and sports. Both schools have been awarded as the best schools in the district.

RDF students have benefitted from our commitment to give access to sports as an integral part of our curriculum. Many children have realized their inner potential through the opportunities and training provided and participated in international and national competitions. Pranitha, an RDF alumnus represented India in archery at the Olympics in Beijing 2012. Lavanya and Sharadha also represented our country in the World Police Meet in USA and bagged two gold and one silver.

Affordable Quality Education

Every child is entitled to education in India, but unfortunately, not every child is getting a quality education. Indians like many others want better education for their children. One solution is quality education at a price families can afford. For this purpose RDF schools offer a workable student to teacher ratio so that students get more focused instruction and individual attention. All the lessons are fine tuned to encourage children to think creatively and problem solve, not just memorize to the extent possible. And each day is an electrifying experience for these children with co-curricular activities like sports and cultural programs, not to forget about a sumptuous and nutritious meal. Parents pay subsidised fees according to their affordability, starting at 6000 rupees ($100 USD) a year per child, rising to 13,000 rupees ($210 USD) a year per child. On an average, ten per cent of students across all schools enjoy fee concession, either fully or partially according to their financial status. RDF ensures that no family is paying beyond their means. From a humble number of 80 in the beginning the number of children attending RDF schools has increased to 2161, as more villagers enroll their sons and daughter in our schools. Today our alumni of 2073 students presently employed or in self–employment, are in a positon to support their families.

Most of the members of our teaching staff, who belong to the first generation learners and who completed their education in Telugu medium are empowered adequately to do their best continuously to teach in English medium schools- a proof of an impact of our system on the rural community.

RDF’s focus has always been on imparting quality education and this continues to remain our top priority. Currently, RDF is focusing on its core strength: providing quality education and more particularly improving students’ written and spoken English language skills. Another area of importance is teacher empowerment. RDF constantly tries to conduct teacher orientation programs for their professional growth and development. Scientific and technological equipment is provided for enhancement of teacher performance and students’ learning.

To supplement our efforts in providing high quality education, we use the software called Digital Teacher, Rathna Sagar and khan academy CD’s and access their free online tutorials for better understanding in Math and Science.

Some of RDF’s graduates, both girls and boys, have joined Indian Army. Many others are policemen, teachers, railway employees, call centre staff, tractor operators, electricians and barbers. Some have gone onto further education but find time to visit the schools to help students in a variety of ways including supervising students on the Social Awareness Programs.

Among many other programs, RDF is particularly proud of its Sports achievements. RDF believes in giving exposure to children in various forms of sporting talent, to provide coaching facility wherever possible and support the participation of students at higher levels of competitions. RDF VAPV Junior College student, Lavanya, has been winning medals in Archery at the National and international level, while a good number of students have been selected to government sports schools under sports quota and meritorious students also get into government model schools or residential schools after passing highly competitive entrance exams.

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