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Education for the Deprived, Drop-out & Non-going School Children of Sundarban

Campaign by Champa Mahila Society

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Sundarban is a backward and neglected area of our state and country. In some islands of Basanti and Gosaba of Sundarban, there are so many villages adjacent to river, forest and mangrove areas where children are deprived of education, even elementary education. Many of them are non-going school children, some are dropout children. This is mainly due to poverty. Their family had no land for cultivation. Most of the children of these families become child labor even they suffer from malnutrition. Many of them depend on river and forest; they have to lead their life by catching fishes, crabs in the river and collecting honey in the forest zone. Even some of the fishermen and honey collectors are attacked and killed by the Royal Bengal Tigers. So the children of these riverside families are educationally backward. They have no opportunity to get education.

To solve this problem in some islands of Sundarban, Champa Mahila Society (CMS) is going to open four children’s education centers two centres at Jharkhali in Basanti and two centers at Bali Island in Gosaba of Sundarban. There are 25 students in each centre and they will be given primary education. The poor hungry children will get tiffin everyday. The teacher guides will also teach physical, mental, cultural & value education. They will help the students to recognize mangrove trees, river, bio-diversity, wild-life, nature observation etc. with some innovative ideas like hands on science, fun & learn apps. The centers will be held in the morning in the community club room. Follow-up program will be done so that they are not dropped-out.

 Key success parameter:

1. Identification of the area.

2. Survey of the villages for selection of non-going, drop-out children.

3. Selection of the place for children's education centre.

4. Starting of the centers according to the syllabus.

5. Evaluation (phase wise) of the students.

6. Create demand for the next year.


  The estimated cost of this project is rupees 2,80,400.00 (two lakh eighty thousand four hundred) and consists of an honorarium of teachers, tiffin for poor children, educational materials etc.

The children who are educationally deprived will get the scope of education. They will be literate and gradually they will get education at class iv level and then they will be admitted to a nearby high schools. There will be changes in the lifestyles of children. There will be an educational, cultural & emotional impact on the minds of children as well as in their families. The children will be aware of keeping their nature Sundarban well. When they grow up they will save mangroves as well as Sundarban.

Champa Mahila Society

Champa Mahila Society

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Amal Nayek

Amal Nayek


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