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Following adversities are faced by the urban poor:

Government of India (GoI) has come up with various forms under which affordable houses can be provided to urban poor under PMAY (U). Our research report states that most affordable housing interventions for the poor tend to provide low-cost homes in areas far away from the ecosystem in which the slum dwellers reside, with poor infrastructural facilities and connectivity. However, affordable housing should be provided such that it does not hamper the lives of the residents, economically and socially.

Under PMAY, the financial assistance to the beneficiaries is released in 3-4 instalments depending on progress of construction of the house. Beneficiary has to start the construction using their own funds or any other fund. Each house is estimated to cost INR 7.5 lakh. Under the PMAY, these families will receive 2.5 Lakh but in instalments. Beneficiaries are going to contribute 2.5 Lakh through microfinance/bank loans. The families require another 2.5 Lakh to have a place they can call as their “Home”. This calls in an agenda for collaboration of several stakeholders, both public and private to support vulnerable people, in living their lives in dignity. 

Since its inception in 1993, Shelter Associates has facilitated various community development projects and have impacted over 8000 individuals through its three social housing projects. These projects are strongly backed by a data-driven and community centric approach. So far SA has undertaken rehabilitation projects in:

·       Dattawadi, Pune

·       Kamgaar Putala, Pune

·       Sangli-Miraj (IHSDP)

 Following a community-led design approach has engaged the community in an inclusive process of designing to give a clear understanding of the space and its functionality. The proactiveness and active involvement of the Bondre Nagar residents is a uniqueness of this project and has aided in getting past several challenges.

 Data plays an integral role in the re-development projects. The socio-economic data collected provides an accurate description of the on-ground realities and the issues faced by the residents. The data is utilized during multi-stakeholder interactions to ensure security of tenure, well designed internal spaces and infrastructural amenities.


·       Well-designed and structurally stable climate resilient houses for the slum dwellers

·       Hygienic and adequate housing facilities

·       New lifestyle with a sense of financial responsibility

·       The designs developed based on the collected socio-economic data results in houses with efficient natural lighting and ventilation

Shelter Associates

Shelter Associates

Beneficiary Charity

Geetanjali Deshmukh

Geetanjali Deshmukh


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