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Serving the elderly means saving lives. The rates of elderly abuse and abandonment are steadily increasing, leading to a rise in the number of indigent elders in India. Due to abandonment, many of these elderly individuals are left on the streets to perish. Moreover, a significant portion of the elderly population suffers from Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other ailments, losing their homes and facing multiple health challenges, compounded by the heightened risk posed by COVID-19 during the ongoing pandemic.

It is projected that the elderly population in India will triple by 2050, reaching 319 million from 103 million in 2011. This number is staggering, especially considering that 75% of them have one or more chronic diseases, 40% have disabilities, and 20% have mental health disorders, demanding urgent attention. In India, 39% of the 103.9 million elderly are either abandoned or living alone.

People live with dignity throughout their lives, only to find themselves forced to beg for survival in their old age. Shockingly, around 40% of senior citizens living with family members reportedly face some form of abuse, with many cases going unreported. Studies indicate that during the COVID-19 pandemic, 71% of elderly individuals in India experienced increased ill-treatment during lockdowns.

The need for old-age homes is expected to rise rapidly, with only 97,000 beds currently available nationwide. An additional 9 lakh beds will be required over the next decade to meet the growing demand.

Sadly, sources indicate that every second senior citizen experiences mistreatment, often from family members, relatives, children, and others. Disturbingly, the National Crime Records Bureau's report highlights thousands of cases of elderly individuals being slain, kidnapped, tortured, or harassed between 2001 and 2010.

In the current fast-paced generation with shorter attention spans and mass emigration, the care of parents and the older generation has taken a back seat, contributing to increased cases of elderly abandonment.


The project aims to provide palliative care, food, medical attention, and a homely environment to the elderly. The condition of the elderly becomes critical due to the shortage of food and care and support; therefore, it is essential to provide them with a dignified life. The Elderly Care Home was initiated by the Saint Hardyal Educational and Orphan Welfare Society. The elderly are best taken care of in the Ashram, where they receive full body check-ups and appropriate medical treatment. They are provided with all their basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing, and undergo periodic monthly tests to monitor diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. They enthusiastically celebrate all festivals with caregivers and other staff, creating a homely atmosphere.

The old age home has been successfully providing a dignified life to the elderly since 2003, offering services free of cost with support extended from individual donors, corporate sponsorships, in-kind donations, etc.

The center has a capacity of 150 persons and currently operates at about 85-90% occupancy. The home caters to abandoned and destitute individuals over the age of 60 years in Delhi. The elders are provided shelter, food, healthcare, and support for as long as they require at the home.


i) Serving them food with nutritious value and high quality to boost the immune system and help them fight diseases.

ii) Caregivers build a close emotional bond with the elderly through caring for them and engaging in conversation. Their presence ensures a sense of affinity for the elderly, allowing them to express their emotions and live a healthy and dignified life.

iii) Improve the health and save the lives of the elderly with the support of good quality medical facilities and medical care provided by well-trained nurses.

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