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Emergency Relief for Flood affected families in Assam


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Assam is facing a devastating flood in 2024, affecting over 2 million people across the state. The floods have led to the tragic loss of 48 lives and left many more in dire need of basic necessities. Galaxy Social Welfare Organization (GSWO) is committed to providing immediate relief by supplying rations, clothes, and medicines to the affected families. We urgently seek your support to help us in this humanitarian effort.


The 2024 floods in Assam have wreaked havoc, displacing thousands and submerging homes, farmlands, and infrastructure. With many families left homeless and without access to basic necessities, there is an urgent need for relief efforts to ensure their survival and dignity. The floods have particularly impacted vulnerable populations, including children, the elderly, and the disabled.


Objectives and Requirement

 1. Provide Rations: Distribute essential food supplies to 10,000 affected families to ensure they have enough to eat during this crisis.

2. Distribute Clothes: Supply clean and suitable clothing to 5,000 families who have lost their belongings in the floods.

3. Supply Medicines: Ensure access to necessary medicines and healthcare supplies for 10,000 individuals to prevent the spread of diseases and manage existing health conditions.


Implementation Plan

 1. Assessment and Coordination: Work with local authorities and volunteers to identify the most affected areas and the needs of the victims.

2. Procurement: Purchase quality rations, clothing, and medical supplies from reliable suppliers.

3. Distribution: Set up distribution centers in accessible locations and ensure the orderly and fair distribution of supplies.

4. Monitoring and Reporting: Maintain transparency by providing regular updates and reports to donors on the progress and impact of the relief efforts.


Why Support Us

 Galaxy Social Welfare Organization has a proven track record of responding effectively to natural disasters and providing relief to those in need. Our dedicated team of volunteers is on the ground, ready to assist the flood victims with compassion and efficiency. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of thousands of people struggling to survive in the aftermath of the floods.


Call to Action

We urgently appeal to individuals, business man, and philanthropic organizations to support our cause. Your generous donations can make a significant difference in alleviating the suffering of the flood victims in Assam.


**Donate Now and Save Lives**


Together, we can help the people of Assam rebuild their lives and restore hope in their hearts. Thank you for your support.


Galaxy Social Welfare Organization


Cont. No- +91 7002505665



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Galaxy Social Welfare Organization

Galaxy Social Welfare Organization


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