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Empowering Futures with Quality Education and Healthcare

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Empowering Futures with Quality Education and Healthcare

Picture a girl, who never dreamed of attending school, now confidently raising her hand to answer a question. This is the transformative power of education and healthcare, and at E&H Foundation, we are dedicated to making these dreams a reality for underprivileged children.

Since 2012, E&H Foundation, a Delhi-based organization, has reached 30,000 children in three districts of Uttar Pradesh. Our mission is ambitious yet achievable: to impact 1,00,000 children by 2030. 

Why We Need Your Support

Despite significant progress, millions of children in India remain deprived of basic education and healthcare. These children are not just numbers; they are individuals with dreams, potential, and the right to a better future. At E&H Foundation, we partner with successful, low-cost, replicable models to scale our impact rapidly. By collaborating with initiatives like ESO’s Gyanshala model and Bharti Foundation, we are tackling the growing education crisis head-on, particularly in Uttar Pradesh.

How Your Donations Make a Difference

Thanks to the generosity of our trustees who cover all overhead costs, 100% of your donations go directly towards our programs. Your support enables us to:

1. Enhance Learning Levels: We focus on primary education, reaching out to vulnerable children in slums and remote villages.

2. Set Up Remedial Classes: Our remedial classes provide a safe, supportive environment for children to learn and grow.

3. Engage and Encourage Students: Our curriculum includes activities, storytelling, and songs, making learning enjoyable and effective.

How You Can Help

Your donation can change lives. By contributing to E&H Foundation through the Give Platform, you are directly supporting the education and healthcare of underprivileged children. Together, we can empower these children, providing them with the opportunities they need to succeed and thrive. From this fundraising campaign, we aim to raise 1 lakh rupees, which will provide education to 200 children. Your support can help us reach this goal and make a significant difference in their lives. Let’s work together to ensure that every child has the chance to learn, grow, and succeed.

The Impact So Far

Our innovative approaches and dedicated efforts have led to remarkable results. With an impressive 70% class attendance and over 50% girl students, we are breaking barriers and creating opportunities for first-generation learners who often lack family support. This year alone, we have positively impacted the lives of 25,000 children, providing them with the tools they need to build a brighter future.

E and H Foundation

E and H Foundation

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Raman Sharma


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