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Access to quality education among youth from marginalized communities being unavailable creates a roadblock for them to pursue their dreams. Being a leader among the developing nations and a growing economy, India is in need of talented and well-educated professionals to steer the road of development ahead. Due to lack of awareness, economic backwardness, or social realities, a large section of young adults is denied access to quality education and opportunities. The backwardness of infrastructure, costs involved and no access to information are among the major impediments for a young adult growing up in an adverse socio-economic situation.

The young adults growing up in marginalized communities especially "slums", even with sparks of academic brilliance may not get the appropriate guidance required for the full expression of their potential. In the fast-moving competitive reality of 21st century India, holistic mentoring and personality development is more important than ever. A focused and nuanced approach is required to overcome these primary hurdles in ensuring inclusive education.

The COVID - 19 pandemic has multiplied problems faced by youth in accessing quality higher education. The long lockdowns and shifting of the entire education process to an online medium have put a large section of the "youth" population in a disadvantaged position. The combination of economic problems caused by the pandemic and lack of access to quality teachers and educators remains a hurdle In several cases the practical need to ‘earn’ has cast a cloud over the dream to ‘learn’. As education in itself goes through a transformation with the coming of modern technologies, these problems will only be exacerbated. As hybrid learning and virtual reality-based knowledge delivery slowly become mainstream, the need for ensuring inclusivity is more relevant than ever. 

EDYOUTH is a learning center for the youth, by the youth! We take a practical approach in trying to address the problems that are prevalent today. Our learning platform leverages the subject expertise of youngsters from premier institutions and connects them with students who can make the best use of the same. We provide personality development training, access to extracurricular activities, career guidance, and insightful mentorship, that fill the gaps in their development and ensure holistic growth for each student. Our work aligns with the SDG 4 of the United Nations, which views quality education as a human right and seeks to achieve inclusive & equitable education along with lifelong learning opportunities. The subsidized fee structure for students from economically weaker sections ensures equitable and inclusive access to our services.

As we move towards education 4.0 and a future of hybrid learning, EDYOUTH seeks to make the best use of the opportunity to help guide students towards a meaningful career. The new shifts in education indeed bring challenges to the idea of inclusivity and equitable learning, but we believe with the right intention and work ethic, it is possible to convert the very challenge into an opportunity. With the right set of steps, education can be a powerful tool in the transformation of society and lives. 

Formed in July 2021, EDYOUTH has started realizing its goal of empowering youth through education and knowledge provided by a team of 53 mentors guiding 51 young students from marginalized communities. Additionally, families of these students have been empowered as they now understand the importance of prioritizing spending on their ward's education.

From the next academic year, EDYOUTH aims to increase its reach and enroll 200 students in Mumbai, Maharashtra.



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