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Enhance Medical care for the leprosy Ward Patients in Madurai district, India.

Campaign by Madurai Health And Leprosy Relief Centre

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In India, the quality treatment is not possible to all people – 1339 million people. Government and WHO try to solve the health and raise the infrastructure every year, but it is not enough compare tot the growing population. The leprosy community people with disability is challenging to get good treatment in the government hospitals with large crowed.

So like our Leprosy Centers and NGOs try to give pity support for these types disserving leprosy community people.

Organization participation:-

Our Madurai Health and leprosy Relief Centre – doing leprosy eradication and rehabilitation services since 1991 in the area of Madurai and Dindigul districts, India. From 2016 our leprosy center joint with Velammal Medical College – conducting the free medical camps and hospital care for the leprosy disabled people.  

a)     Madurai Health and leprosy Relief Centre.

b)     Velammal Medical College Hospital and Research Institute.

Velammal Medical college hospital team of HOD Dr. Krishnaram M.D; Dr Madhusudan M.D and other doctors team helping the leprosy patients. 

Project aims to identify people affected by leprosy: treat, cure, rebuild lives within their communities in the area of Madurai and Dindigul districts, Tamil Nadu, India.


Treatment Charges.


Our Non profit doing all the services free of cost /charges. We admit the necessary cases to the hospital to get better development. So the following charges we need to pay to hospital.   


a.      Blood Sugar test –Rs 30

b.     Blood basic tests- Rs 200

c.      Antibiotic Injections –Rs 100 (few days)

d.     X Ray= Rs 200

e.     E.C.G = Rs200

f.       Physiotherapy Rs = 300 (weekly once)

g.      Physiotherapy – Heat therapy (IR etc)- Rs200 (daily)

h.     Cataract Eye surgery =Rs 6500 (if Required)


So approximately needs are from Rs3000 to Rs 10,000- required for one patients, cost is vary case to case, Velammal Hospital allotted 20 beds for the leprosy patients. 


Bed facility, Doctor care, Nursing care and food supported by hospital as the free of cost other than some chargeable treatment and diagnostics need to pay as concessional rate. So it is required to do good and qualified treatment to all the economically poor leprosy patients living in India.  

1.      All the leprosy patients will get quality treatment and get new life.

2.      Those who unfortunately have developed wounds and ulcers in foot / hands on account of leprosy (normally due to late detection) require proper treatment and continuous health care to prevent deterioration and prevent damage to the limbs. The aim is to overcome the stigma associated with leprosy disability and deformity. 

3.      Physiotherapy and peer group self-care season for correction of disability and deformity to enable the patient involvement in care of hands and feet. 

4.      Leprosy patients will get the happy life and get respect in the same society of their family members and neighbors. 

22 Jan, 2024

Leprosy patient Eye Surgery done at Velammal Hospital. Now Mr Karupasamy can able to see clearly.. Thanks to supporters

Madurai Health And Leprosy Relief Centre

Madurai Health And Leprosy Relief Centre

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