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Agriculture is the base of any industries in the world. Agriculture plays a vital role in India's economy. 54.6% of the total workforce is engaged in agricultural and allied sector activities (Census 2011) and accounts for 17.8% of the country's Gross Value Added (GVA) for the year 2019-20 (at current prices). Situation of farming sector is not so good in current era. In recent times for large production, farmers have increased the use of hazardous chemicals like Malathion, Hydramethion, scyphate etc. Which creates worst effects on the health of humans, plants, water and even soil. It causes cancer, damages the nervous system, causes paralysis, increases heart rate, and causes respiratory treatment and other diseases and decreases the fertility of soil.

Farmers in rural areas are not so much aware with new technology in farming, scientific farming, new equipment, safety and health while using pesticides, about the market and its trend, less information about govt. policies and schemes. Due to climate change farmers are facing difficulties like scarcity of water due to less rain or erosion of soil due to flood and heavy rain, excess use of water in the area where irrigation is easily available, low productivity, higher expenses and inability to identify pests' diseases in crops. These are the major issues that farmers are facing.

For the last 30 years, we Hariraj charitable trust working for the betterment of farmers and served in various ways. Nowadays we are focusing on all the problems that farmers are facing at the ground level and helping them with different activities and providing them training on various aspects. At the current time, we are working with 600 farmers for sustainable farming activities.  

We are providing programmatic training on imperative action that should be taken before and after sowing, training on Integrated Pest Management(IPM), Health and safety training, Water Optimization Techniques, Demonstration plot, provide information about Bio-Diversity, Run awareness campaign about issues mentioned as above, we run activities for awareness for disaster risk and climate change and regular coordinating with farmers at ground level and try to make awareness about side effects of chemicals and use of natural substances instead of hazardous chemicals.

We also work on how to enhance the livelihood of farmers. We are also working with other problems that affect the farmers family like education, health hygiene etc. 

As per the above-mentioned issue and after taking proper action related, we enhanced the quality of agricultural products, enhanced the health of the soil and improve the fertility of the soil

We were been succeed to improve farming which is environmentally friendly with less expenses better productivity and ecological life support for crops.

By taking proper action mentioned above we get a large number of natural products which are full of natural virtues for better health of human being as well as they are not harmful to nature

Farmers achieved large production of crops with less use of chemicals, fertilizer and pesticides after our awareness camp and training.

Hariraj Charitable Trust

Hariraj Charitable Trust

Beneficiary Charity

Dhiraj Vagadia

Dhiraj Vagadia


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