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Family Champions: Mothers as regional leaders driving community led Educational movement!

Campaign by Kshamtalaya Foundation

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Be a part of this unique and radical movement to bring educational equity in Delhi Seemapuri’s schools, where 50 mothers are taking charge!

The Family Champion Program is a groundbreaking initiative by Kshamtalaya aimed at transforming the educational landscape by harnessing the power of mothers as educational leaders within their communities. This idea was also shortlisted as Top 10 by T4 in World's Best School Prize under the Community Collaboration Category. 

In a world where traditional schooling systems often fall short in providing personalized attention and fostering meaningful dialogue around education, the Family Champion Program seeks to address these challenges head-on by empowering mothers to become agents of change within the school system.

At its core, the Family Champion Program recognizes the pivotal role that mothers play in shaping the educational journey of their children. By providing support and resources to these mothers, the program aims to elevate them beyond their roles as caregivers to become advocates for quality education and leaders within their communities.

Participants in the Family Champions program undergo workshops focused on various aspects of educational leadership, beginning from Knowing the Child, the need and importance of Holistic Education (Social Emotional Learning & Academic growth), community mobilization and advocating for quality education for their children. They learn to engage with teachers, school management committees, and other parents to ensure a supportive and conducive learning environment for their children.

Since 2020, 102 Family Champions impacted 2,800+ children in the community and ensured more than 300 dropout children are back in school.

The program is committed to fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment among mothers. By building women's leadership and promoting dialogue around education, the Family Champion Program aims to not only transform the relationship between mothers and education but also to promote dignity, agency, and leadership within communities.

In essence, the Family Champion Program seeks to redefine the role of mothers in education, from passive participants to proactive leaders and champions for change. Through this initiative, we are not only investing in the future of our children but also in the empowerment and transformation of our communities. Join us in this revolutionary program and embark on a journey towards a brighter, more equitable future for all.

  • Rs 200/- contribution will enable 1 Family Champion’s External Learning Experience (Capacity Building)
  • Rs 1000/- contribution will provide story books for 1/50 Learning Circles led by Family Champions
  • Rs 1500/- contribution will support 1 Family Champion’s Monthly Honorarium
  • Rs 2500/- per month investment on each Family Champion's overall support
  • Rs 30000/- investment on each Family Champion's learning and honorarium for a whole year
Kshamtalaya Foundation

Kshamtalaya Foundation

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Priyanka Rambol

Priyanka Rambol


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