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Feed a grandparent through a community kitchen

Campaign by Marathwada Navnirman Lokayat (MANAVLOK), Ambajogai

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Those destitute senior citizens who are staying alone and not getting support from their children, minimum age 65. They are unable to go for basic needs like food. Food insecure seniors are worse off for a wide array of health outcomes. They have lower nutrient intakes and are more likely to suffer from diabetes, depression, limitations in activities of daily living (ADLs), high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, heart attacks, gum disease, and asthma.

For senior citizens who are staying alone and not getting support from their children, minimum age 65. They are identified by a village committee of 5 people; they need to pay Rs 200 per month. The actual cost is Rs 40 per day per head for 2 unlimited meals (Along with Sweet dishes on festivals and special occasions), so about Rs 1200 per month per person. We return the Rs 200 collected in the form of different aids to them such as Tiffin’s, Blankets, Solar Lamps, etc. during Diwali. The reason we collect Rs 200 is that the seniors can complain in case of any deficiency in service, they should be treated with respect by the women running the kitchen, so if they pay, they will complain, mainly we want to add “Dignity”, the seniors should not feel burdened with “Dana”.


We appoint a needy woman, who has a gas connection; we pay her Rs 40 per day per head. On average she feeds 10+ seniors twice a day, and she earns Rs 3 to 4000 per month. Our experience in the 28 kitchens we run shows the women are very satisfied. Once a year we give these women Mixer Grinder, Solar Lamp, Cooker, etc. as a bonus. The seniors eat in the woman's house, which does the cleaning too.

Team MANAVLOK visits the kitchen without any prior notice and checks the quality, quantity, and hygiene of the service by these women kitchen holders. This way it works full proof system.

 This has resulted in the following benefits to our seniors

•       Better Mental and Physical health, as Loneliness is addressed, many have put on weight

•       Their Medical Bills have been reduced

•       The Stress on their children who may be supporting, is reduced

•       The villagers feel good and started donating in kind

•       The Community learns to take care of their Elders

•       This is a simple model which can be Scaled and Replicated

•       The Seniors Feel better staying in their own village rather than being put away in an Old Age Home

•       Admin cost is negligible

•       A big need of the community is addressed

•       Employment for the local women. 

Marathwada Navnirman Lokayat (MANAVLOK), Ambajogai

Marathwada Navnirman Lokayat (MANAVLOK), Ambajogai

Beneficiary Charity

Marathwada Navnirman Lokayat (MANAVLOK), Ambajogai

Marathwada Navnirman Lokayat (MANAVLOK), Ambajogai


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