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Human Welfare Charitable Trust (HWCT), is an NGO registered with Charity Commissioner, Mumbai and exempted under sections 12A, 80G of the Income Tax Act certification.

Project Description

Why do these seniors need help?

For the last few weeks, since MAHARASHTRA State has been put on PAUSE starting March 22, 2020 has brought tough times for our nation and communities. During these difficult times of fear and uncertainty we want to request our community to help support the SENIOR CITIZENS & HOME LESS who are less fortunate and struggling to place a decent meal for themselves and their families. Due to age factor and severity of the situation most of these citizens could not join the big lines to collect the distribution offered by various organizations. It was lot tougher for the seniors who have health complications history that made wreak havoc and lead to deterioration in health.

Also, unless the adult/senior can physically get to a delivery point to get in line to pick up meals, the city has been relatively slow and sporadic in meal delivery, with some people waiting 4-5 hours after joining the distribution queue made it practically impossible to get the ration in common distribution areas. Due to the financial constraint and the increasing grocery prices, further made it more difficult to purchase from the stores.

Want to join me in making a difference?

We are raising funds to distribute the Monthly Grocery Kits and Food Packets to be delivered to such families. Any donation will help make an impact and can be tax deductible. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to all of us. HWCT is distributing the monthly grocery kits and food packets to the covid affected citizens. HWCT has distributed over 2250 Monthly Grocery Kits and has distributed over 20500 meals in past 3 weeks to such families, who have no support system during the time of crises. HWCT in past has also been the part of mass distribution of containment zones which has supported the distribution drive to over 70K families in Mumbai Area.

HWCT will be buying the groceries - disinfecting them, and then delivering them by placing them in disinfected boxes maintaining the social distancing norms -- to avoid any possible chance to infect anyone during this process. The fresh food packets are procured from the local community kitchen restaurant where its ensured that the food packets are made in the most hygienic way from procuring till the delivery point. All the hygiene and social distancing protocols are well followed. 

At HWCT we ensure that your donation is reaching the neediest families. The complete transparency is maintained and we are doing our best logistically to make the essential food supplies reaching these families. We are committed today, tomorrow and in the future to help our communities in such difficult times.

Moving forward, 100% of your donations will be used to purchase Grocery Kits and hot meals for the homeless in Maharashtra, as well as support additional seniors that we are now working to identify! We promise to send updates as we make progress! THANK YOU SO MUCH! HWCT will be donating the excess funds to the upliftment of the rural school organizations after the end of COVID-19 crises.

Times are hard for many of us right now. No matter the donation amount, or if you're unable to donate but have sent kind words, it is valued and appreciated more than we could EVER express. Every donation puts a smile on our faces, and reminds us how much good there is in the world.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our entire message, and thank you for helping us to support a few of the most vulnerable members of our community. 


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Our Support is up and running! Thank you for your kind support!
This is the time to show the unity and care for one another with solidarity and selflessness. HWCT through various interventions is supporting the communities with disaster management relief.
HWCT India Foundation

HWCT India Foundation

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Kalpesh Kabra

Kalpesh Kabra


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