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Free Home based Palliative care to Cancer Patients

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Cancer is a diagnosis that spells a death sentence for many people, the poor being especially vulnerable. In their case the disease is generally discovered too late, and if treatment is still possible, its costs are unaffordable. As a result, 80% cancer patients are diagnosed with advanced disease presenting in stage III and IV. Every hour about 60 patients die from cancer and in pain as less than 2% of these have access to adequate pain relief.

The trauma can be devastating for the patient and the family who have nowhere to turn for support once cancer treatments fail or they are declared ‘beyond medical help’ due to terminal cancer. Hospitals not equipped to offer any meaningful ongoing support to alleviate the agony of these terminally ill patients, condemn them to spend their last days in unremitting pain and despair. Overwhelming physical and emotional burdens result in the poorest quality of life of patients followed by an agonizing death.

CanSupport’s unique model filled this chasm and subsumed palliative care approach into cancer management, providing the greatest opportunity for continuing care across the trajectory of cancer and actualizing the quality of life with cancer in a meaningful and compassionate manner.

CanSupport Home Based Palliative Care Program is a pioneering model in North India directed at patients suffering from advanced and terminal cancer.

The program’s multidisciplinary teams of doctors, nurses, counselors and trained volunteers bring care to the doorstep of patients and address suffering around cancer bring medical, emotional, social and spiritual care to the homes of people battling cancer.

The goals of Home Care are: skilled pain and symptom management, supportive nursing care, psychological and spiritual care and a support system to sustain the individual’s family as well as bereavement support and counselling. The teams offer:


•     Factual information about the illness to facilitate informed choices about their goals of care.

•     Medication for pain and symptom management aimed at maximising comfort and function.

•     Comprehensive nursing care for improving quality of life.

•     Guidance and equipment support to achieve control and dignity in activities of daily living.

•     Education and hands-on skills for caregivers in taking care of their loved ones at home.

•     Psychological, emotional and spiritual support to patients and families.

•     Grief and bereavement support.

•     Community mobilisation for socio-economic rehabilitation of destitute patients and their family members.


The teams are also available on call to patients and their families round the clock

[DIRECT SERVICE IMPACT] Largest Home Based Palliative Care Program in India spanning 5 States (Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, UP and Jharkhand) with 32 operating teams serving 20,000 people through 40,000 home visits last year.

Impact on Patients

Reduction and pain and symptom scores helping patient to live as actively as possible

Reduction in functional limitations and enforced dependency

Improved sense of wellbeing and at peace with self, family and environment

Informed and meaningful end-of-life decision making

Improved quality of life across

Reduced hospitalization and futile interventions

Peaceful and pain free death at place of choice, usually home.


Impact on Families

Decreased burden of caring on family members

Improved sense of control as they acquire skills to optimize patient care & make informed decisions around goals of care

Enhanced bonding between family members

Positive change in the psychological status of caregivers

Prevention of development of risk for psychological morbidity in family members as they assume the care-giving role

Better coping during patient’s illness and in their own bereavement



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