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Chenchu Lakshmi Gudem is a remotely located indigenous tribal hamlet in Mahanandi Mandal of Andhra Pradesh, India. The hamlet lacks even necessities for a living, including a primary school. There are 150 families in this hamlet. People in this hamlet are illiterate and live on the scanty income they get from selling forest products. Being illiterate and unskilled has made them victims of generational poverty. Children and girls are the victims of poverty and remain child labourers. Moreover, the illiterate marginalized community also reports child marriages. Most of the people in this tribe remain illiterate since they live primarily isolated and remote.

There are 57 children, in the age group of 5-14 years, in this hamlet. They deserve a better life and future. Educating them is the best way to break the cyclic generational poverty. 

This fundraising is to support the education of fifty-seven illiterate Chenchu tribal children. We want to start two bridge course centers in this tribal village. We will employ two trained teachers to educate the children. The children will be divided into groups suitable for primary and upper-primary education. Following the Samagra Sikshya Abhiyan, the children will be educated in this project.

Children will learn languages, sciences, mathematics, sports, crafts, and drawing. The bridge course centers will follow play-way methods of learning. This enables the overall development of the child development in terms of emotions, intellect, and skill parameters. The entire learning method will revolve around activity-based learning. This way, the children find learning fun and exciting.

NewBeginnings requests your support to buy textbooks and writing books, stationery items such as pens, pencils, drawing items, etc., IEC materials, sports & craft items, illustrating books for the children, and pay for the two teachers.

This project is imperative since educating the tribal children is the most important way the tribal community can improve personal endorsement, build capacity levels, overcome socio-economic barriers, and expand opportunities to sustain their well-being.

After this bridge course, the children can continue their regular education once we mainstream them in regular schools.

The educated Chenchu-children become a source of inspiration for other children in the tribal community and start education. They become the agents of transformation toward the development of their tribal community.

With education and skill, the children will help their community break from cyclic poverty.

With continuous education and better qualifications, the tribal children become eligible for the government schemes to build a better future and livelihood for themselves and their community.

NewBeginnings Charitable Trust

NewBeginnings Charitable Trust

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Ravi Sebastian

Ravi Sebastian


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