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The children of incarcerated parents are among the most vulnerable and neglected individuals in our society. When a parent is imprisoned, the entire family often experiences significant setbacks, particularly in the areas of education and socio-economic well-being. These children face social ostracism and discrimination in their daily lives, both in their communities and in school, which can have a profound impact on their mental health and educational development. As a result, many of these children drop out of school and may even develop behavioural issues. Disturbingly, statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau indicate that a significant portion of the prison population is illiterate, and many come from marginalized communities with poor socio-economic standing. This combination of factors further exacerbates the challenges faced by the children of prisoners, who are often left to navigate a complex web of social and economic disadvantages without adequate support.

The impact of parental incarceration on children is a critical issue that demands urgent attention from policymakers and society as a whole. VARHAD recognizes the unique challenges faced by these children and aims to take steps to provide them with educational support and resources for their development.

At VARHAD, we are dedicated to promoting education and eliminating social stigma for children of prisoners. We understand the unique challenges and disadvantages these children face, which is why we aim to provide them with the resources and support they need to succeed. Our professional counselling sessions are designed to help these children overcome social stigma and build confidence in themselves. One of our key initiatives is to send children of prisoners to residential schools and ensure they have access to study materials, clothing, and food. This is crucial for their well-being and development and helps them dream of a brighter future in a healthier society. We recognize that there are thousands of children of prisoners who are needy and poor and are deprived of basic education after their parent's incarceration. That's why we conduct need assessments to identify those in need and provide educational mechanisms on a large scale.

At VARHAD, we strongly believe that education is the key to creating a healthy and crime-free society. Studies have shown that crime rates are lower in areas with higher levels of education. With this in mind, VARHAD is committed to making a positive impact by promoting education from the earliest stages of development. Our primary focus is on the children of prisoners, who are among the most vulnerable and at risk of being drawn into criminal activity due to a lack of moral guidance. Our goal is to provide them with education and skills to make better choices and avoid a life of crime, thus securing a brighter future for themselves and their communities.



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