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Health, Education & Skill Training Program for Persons with Disabilities

Campaign by Action for Ability Development and Inclusion

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Out of its 1.3 billion people, 2.2% of India’s population has some form of disability. Census 2011 showed that 54 per cent of the disabled children with multiple disabilities and 50 per cent of children with mental illness never attended educational institutions. 

In the last two decades, India has made considerable strides in education. These include statutory reforms and systemic changes including those for children with disabilities. However, despite the laws many children with disabilities remain out of school due to lack of facilities and expertise in schools. These children either drop out or do not enroll in school. To grow into well-functioning adults, it is critical that children/adolescents learn key life skills and the education system needs to enable them at all levels to learn these skills. 

AADI’s Health, Education and Skilling program will meet the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities aged between 14 years to 35 years. These are clients who are in school or have dropped out of school as well as young adults with disabilities.  

The program aims to reach approximately 300 clients from AADI’s three programmes: the urban area Hauz Khas, the Urban Community Based Program in Sunder Nagri (Shahdara district, Delhi) and the Rural Community Based Program in Ballabgarh block (Faridabad district of Haryana). 

These training programs encompasses building academic skills, besides those in Communication, Mobility, Health & Self-care and Social Emotional well-being. Application of these skills to develop abilities necessary for Domestic life, Organization & Management, Work/work readiness, and participation in social/civic/political/community activities will also be emphasized. 

Combining group and individual activities, the education and skilling programs will let the individual learn at one’s own pace in a creative and supportive environment. The crucial aspect of the training programmes is the efficacy of its practical application to real-life settings. As each person and situation is unique, it necessitates customization of every activity and provision of reasonable accommodation. Specific health, education and skilling modules in different life domains will be developed to suit individual needs.

Quantitative Indicators

·              40 Adolescents/ adults pursuing education will complete their current level of education along with work skill training.

·              70 adolescents who are school dropouts will be linked to open schooling/ learn skills in functional literacy & numeracy along with training for physical and functional wellbeing.

·              35 Adults who have never been to school will be trained on skills for domestic life/ family occupation/ work environment

·              80 Adults who have completed some formal/informal education will be trained on skills required for work and internships

·              60 Adolescents/ adults who have never been to school with moderate support needs will receive life skills training, including for physical and functional wellbeing.

·              15 Adults with high support needs will come out of their homes, meet peers, have purpose and hope in life 

Qualitative Indicators

  • Improved physical & mental health: Will develop responsible behaviours, self-confidence, and self-worth, develop interests and hobbies, and make better life choices and decisions.
  • Stronger Relationships: Will develop skills to build and maintain social relationships. 
  • Independent living: Will acquire life skills of living independently. 

 We appeal for support for life skills training programmes for young people with disabilities in Delhi-NCR to help them lead a life of dignity and purpose as rightful citizens of the country

Action for Ability Development and Inclusion

Action for Ability Development and Inclusion

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