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Help a differently abled person walk by sponsoring a mobility aid

Campaign by Uma Educational & Technical Society, Kakinada

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Galamma worked in the coir industry. **An unfortunate accident caused her to lose a leg** and she could not work anymore. Her life got even harder when her father died soon after. **She was lost and in pain but refused to give up.** She decided that she would do everything she could to help herself and her family. She pushed herself to walk with the help of crutches. The government hospital that Galamma visited **referred her to Uma Educational Trust and Society (UETS). The organization helped her by providing for her treatment.** They also gave her an artificial leg. Galamma began to feel more confident and decided to go back and finish her education. She not only finished her schooling but also graduated from college. **She then enrolled for D.Ed in Special Education (Mental Retardation) at UETS.** Today, she is proud to be a Special Educator for intellectually challenged children. She is in awe of her own journey and believes that UETS and its donors made her dreams come true. **Women like Galamma have the courage and determination to win at life. You could help them by donating for mobility aids that keep them going. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is [GIVEASSURED](**

About The Program

Uma Educational and Technical Society (UETS) works towards the promotion of an inclusive, barrier-free and rights-based society for the differently-abled. The organization is based in Kakinada and impacts the lives of beneficiaries all over the East Godavari, West Godavari, Yanam, Vizianagaram, and Prakasam districts of Andhra Pradesh. In order to help differently-abled people become more independent in terms of movement, hearing, vision and other functional abilities, the organization has run an exclusive workshop for the fabrication and fitting of aids and appliances at its center in Kakinada. It has made and distributed suitable aids and appliances such as crutches, hearing aids, calipers, tricycles, artificial limbs & wheelchairs to the underprivileged, and has impacted the lives of more than 8000 people so far.

About The NGO

Uma Educational & Technical Society was registered in the year 1988. It is a flagship Rehabilitation centre for the differently-abled, which plays a vital role in Prevention, Correction of further occurrence of disability, Equalization of opportunities, Awareness Creation, and Education, enhancing the quality of life and enabling integration of the disabled into mainstream society. Their mission is to reach the un-reached through the provision of both quality and quantity of services for better lives of the differently-abled. Mr. S.P.Reddy, a post-graduate in Psychology with over 26 years of experience in the Disability sector, founded UETS in 1988. His focus is on giving the best possible services to the differently-abled. The organization works towards the promotion of inclusive, barrier-free and rights-based society for the differently-abled. They also run a workshop that exclusively manufactures aids and appliances for the disabled, like artificial limbs, calipers, crutches. In 2014, Mr. S.P.Reddy was awarded the State Award by the Government of Andhra Pradesh as the Best N.G.O Executor.

Uma Educational & Technical Society, Kakinada

Uma Educational & Technical Society, Kakinada

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Rohit Nair

Rohit Nair


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