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Ayishal Beevi is from a poor family. She was affected by polio when she was a child and lost function in her legs. She could only crawl and required the help of her parents to stand up or move. Her father worked as a labourer and was the sole breadwinner of the family. They did not have enough money to get Ayishal the resources she needed. **Without being able to walk, Aiyshal’s life seemed dark and without any possibilities.** When her parents heard of Amar Seva Sangam, they approached them for help. ASS gave Ayishal regular access to physiotherapy to help make her limbs stronger. They also gave her calipers and crutches as the doctors recommended. With therapy and the right resources, she slowly began to walk on her own.Ayishal has now completed her, and her MBA and is doing her M.Com. She wants to pursue her dreams by completing M.Phil and Ph.D as well. Her confidence to travel alone, work, and chase what she wants is inspiring. **Children like Ayishal can lead perfectly normal lives if they are given the right help and resources. You can make this possible for an underprivileged child by donating. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is [GIVEASSURED](**

About The Program

Amar Seva Sangam has been committed to integrating physically and mentally challenged persons, by empowering them to have equal participation in the society. They have a manufacturing unit which specializes in customized calipers for the differently-abled. As opposed to the heavy traditional aluminum calipers, the customized calipers are lightweight and easy to use. The Unit also deals with repair of PVC calipers and supply of specific orders depending on the need of the user. Close to 14,000 differently-abled people have been served across 800 villages. The daily struggle with accessibility for people with disabilities is huge. They are forced to be dependent on others even if they are capable in all other aspects. Donations made to this program support the salaries, electricity, and for procurement of material for the unit. By supporting this program, you can help more beneficiaries get access to calipers and in turn claim their independence.

About The NGO

Amar Seva Sangram was established to help differently-abled and underprivileged children. Their mission is to empower disabled citizens by rehabilitating them and integrating them into mainstream society. They have a home for rehabilitated physically challenged people that provides free shelter, food, clothing, medical aid, and appliances. Around 50 children with loco-motor disability and associated problems are attended to and provided with special medical care. The school for specially-abled children, Sangamam, provides free education. In Village-based rehabilitation, differently abled people, as well as communities, are involved in the rehabilitation process. They are organized into Self Help Groups for their development and get access to different government schemes. Early Intervention Center aims to intervene as early as possible and minimize disability so that the child can reach the highest potential. They cater to the needs of the children under 5 years. 30 Special children have been served so far, out of which 8 have been mainstreamed. Amar Foundation is a trust, with a mission to generate employment for the rural poor and handicapped. They have 65 employees of which around 25 are specially-abled. Sri S. Ramakrishnan, the founder was awarded the Amazing Indians Award for his extraordinary work and selfless devotion.

Amar Seva Sangam

Amar Seva Sangam

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Rohit Nair

Rohit Nair


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