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Dipanshu is a young boy from a poor family in Gurgaon. He suffers from multiple disabilities and his life was hard right from the beginning. **He could not speak a single word or walk properly.** His father was an alcoholic and spent the family’s minimal earnings on his addiction. Dipanshu’s fate seemed dark as there was no way his family could afford to treat him. When his mother found out about the NGO Khushboo, she enrolled him there. **Khushboo provided Dipanshu with special education, physiotherapy and speech therapy.** They also guided his mother on how to care for him at home. They ensured that he was able to come to their center every day by **providing free transport** for the family. Regular therapy has changed Dipanshu’s life. **He can now speak and balance his body.** He is a good student and a gifted athlete. His drive and talent have **led him all the way to the State Level Special Olympics!**

About The Program

Until Khushboo's inception 21 years ago, the city of Gurgaon did not have a dedicated center for education and care for children with disabilities. Since Khushboo started its journey it has developed into a landmark institution for a range of special needs services for the differently abled. About 10 children in the age group of 3 to 6 years attend their pre-school where they are trained on activities of daily living, while 45-50 special needs children in the age group of 6-18 years attend the Special Needs Education Program.The school follows Individualized Educational Programs based on assessments and reviews, and shape an individual course of educational instruction for each child. Students who qualify for the Open School system are given parallel academic training. Donations made to this program support the cost of fuel, driver's salary, and bus maintenance. Donate to this program and help a disabled child reach school.

About The NGO

Khushboo Welfare Society is a non-profit organization that was established in Gurgaon to provide holistic care and multifarious services to people with mental and multiple disabilities. Their vision to have a society where the physically and mentally challenged lead a life of care, dignity and respect placed a roadmap of directing efforts to help the physically and mentally challenged become self-reliant, realize their full potential and enhance their capabilities to the maximum extent. Their specially designed programs namely Sparsh, Pre School, Blessings, Samvedan, Samarth, and CBR provide a range of assistance to the differently abled including therapeutic interventions for speech, physical, occupational and multi-sensory integration, attending to early development issues and imparting vocational training in activities which may lead to employability. With a total staff of 43 providing support to 89 persons with disability, the organization adopts a multi-sector and multi-dimensional approach with joint participation from the village community and family members. Their sole focus remains on holistic development and education of differently abled people through a gamut of trainings in activities of daily living (ADLs).

Khushboo Welfare Society

Khushboo Welfare Society

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Rohit Nair

Rohit Nair


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