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Thirteen-year-old Shrawan lost his father when he was very young. His mother works as a cook in a school. They couldn't afford to rent a home and hence had to live with relatives. Due to their economic condition, his mother enrolled him in the SAMPARC Balgram, Jodhpur. Here he started to receive care, shelter, guidance, and education and his studies have improved. He stood 2nd in class in grade 8 and 1st in grade 9. He received a Tablet PC through the Rajasthan Government Scheme. He is now 17 years old. He scored 64% in Class X with the help of tuitions arranged by the Balgram. He is now in class XII. He has left his past behind and works hard towards a better future..

About The Program

Social Action for Manpower (SAMPARC) runs a Home at Jodhpur, which is mainly for children of stone quarry workers apart from destitute children and poor children with difficult living conditions. The home works to provide care, shelter and education for children so that they can get a normal childhood. They arrange for special attention if the children need it. They also provide health care and recreational facilities as children need to play as much as everything else. They do not have the social stigma of whatever background they came from. They grow freely like other children learning various social and cultural values and traditions and are exposed to community life. As a result the children of SAMPARC orphanage (balgram) are found strong, contented with culture values and self-esteem. Donate to this program and support an underprivileged destitute child build a future.

About The NGO

Working since 1984 for the children, Amitkumar Banerjee realized that children need an integrated support for development. At that time children of socially victim women, children of convicts received no support from government or any agency. Mr.Banerjee felt that every child needs shelter, care and protection and opportunity to grow. Thus SAMPARC - Social Action for Manpower Creation was born as an organization in 1990. The journey of SAMPARC began with only 7 orphans and today over 500 children - orphan, children of socially victim women, destitute, and needy and also children of convicts, all of them are living under one shelter known as Balgram of SAMPARC organization. They do not have the social stigma of whatever background they came from. They grow freely like other common children. They grow with all cultural and social values. At the same time, they learn various social and cultural values and traditions and are exposed to community life. The organization has served around 500 children. In 2016, Amit Banerjee was awarded the Samajik Puraskar Award by the Parampujya Swami Ramdevji Maharaj Yog Diksha & Rashtranirman Sabha for special contribution towards the care and protection and holistic development of orphan and destitute children.



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Rohit Nair


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