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Sai Lakshmi was born with several developmental issues. She was enrolled in Sri Arunodayam when she was two months old. **At the time, she had tuberculosis. Her muscles were limp and she was bedridden. Her body was tiny and weak and she had no control over her head movements.**The orphanage helped Sai Lakshmi by getting her all the medical attention that she needed. Soon, she was cured of TB. Regular exercises also helped her gain head control. She is now a little over two years old. **She can sit for long periods and even walk with a baby walker. A therapist is working with her to strengthen her hip and abdomen muscles.** She also has a tumor on her brain stem that needs treatment. Sai Lakshmi came to the orphanage in a painful condition. Her progress has been significant but she still has ways to go to completely recover. She could undergo so many treatments only because she had a constant supply of nutrition to sustain her weak body.You can contribute to help a child like Sai Lakshmi get the food they need to withstand intensive treatment. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is [GIVEASSURED]( Your contribution could give a poor child the only chance they have for recovery.

About The Program

Sri Arunodayam undertakes care and rehabilitation of orphaned and abandoned mentally challenged children. They aim to provide a safe environment where these children have access to their basic rights of protection, education, healthcare and a happy childhood.These children are neglected and abandoned by their families. Their physical, physiological condition at the time of admission is quite dismal.Food is an important part of their rehabilitation. The menu is planned based on the recommendations of the dietitians in the Institute of Child Health. The menu is kept tasty without affecting the nutritional value. When sufficient funds are received, the children also get a Ragi health drink. During meal time, the caregiver, special educator, and the physiotherapist work with the children to help them to independently eat their food. A healthy meal is an important part of the children's rehabilitation. Donate to this program and support a mentally challenged child get access to food.

About The NGO

Sri Arunodayam is a Registered Charitable Trust that was founded to fill the gap of awareness and medical facilities for the marginalized sections of humanity. The organization has built its foundation on humanitarian values that uphold the dignity and right of this much-neglected section of the society and have set out with a vision to ensure that the mentally challenged children remain safe and enjoy equal opportunities. With a staff of over 50, the organization has worked relentlessly towards providing care and protection to the mentally challenged abandoned children and has promoted the rights of such children along with encouraging the society to integrate them. The organization has provided food, medical care, clothing, physiotherapy, special education and speech therapy to 106 children and restored 77 abandoned Mentally Challenged Children with their parents. Their honorable work was awarded the World of Children Award by the World of Children Foundation for their Humanitarian service and the Duruva Star Award by the Sudesi Magazine for their service to the Mentally Challenged. With an emphasis on ability rather than disability, their core values reflected in their work include Transparency, Credibility, Equality, Compassion, Dignity, and Inclusion

Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust

Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust

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Rohit Nair

Rohit Nair


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