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From Loss to Success: Karthika's 5 Job Offers

Karthika’s mother, Dhakshayani, worked 365 days as a housemaid for over 20 years to educate her.

In 3rd standard, Karthika’s father passed away suddenly. They lived in a small one-room rented home. Her dad wanted to be recognized as Karthika’s father. She promised to make it happen.

Karthika completed 12th grade but she couldn’t join college due to their financial situation. Her mother’s dream was to see her as a graduate.

Someone like me fundraised for Karthika’s college education. She did her undergraduation with Team Everest scholarship.

Karthika did not disappoint. She got 5 job offers from Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, Capgemini, and Sutherland. Individuals like you and me can change lives if we can sponsor their education through Team Everest scholarship.

Team Everest scholarship has sponsored 3600+ children like Karthika since 2016. In 2024, they look to sponsor 1000 new students.

I am fundraising to help at least 1 student join college. The students are Parentless, Single Parented, and Financially Poor. Support my fundraiser and together let’s educate a child and change their story forever!

About the Scholarship

Team Everest's 'I am the Change' scholarship supports parentless, single-parented, financially poor students and helps them become graduates. They have sponsored the graduation of 3600+ students to date.

It costs Rs 42,000 (Approx. USD 525) per student per year. Most students do a 3-year graduation course, but Team Everest also supports 4 and 5 years courses. It costs Rs 1,26,000 (Rs 42,000*3 years) or USD 1575 to make one student a graduate.

As part of this scholarship, students not only get financial assistance. They get at least year long employability skill training each year. Additionally, they get to do Internships in Corporates or Startups and get guidance to find a job during their final year.


  1. Team Everest also notifies all donors to which student your donation is used for. You will get this update by December 31st, 2024.
  2. If you wish to speak with the student, meet the student in person or via video call, Team Everest also facilitates that.
  3. If you wish to become a mentor or be in touch with the student and guide them, you can do that too.
Team Everest

Team Everest

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Srinidhi Ganesh

Srinidhi Ganesh


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