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Help a tribal fisherman earn his livelihood through employee giving

Campaign by Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society

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Thirupathaiah was a tribal fisherman from Parvathipuram, Andhra Pradesh. He had a limited income as he used angler hooks which caught one fish at a time. He could not afford fishing nets that caught large catchment of fish at once. On days, when he couldn't catch enough fish, they went hungry. Through a survey, CERDS learnt that Thirupathaiah struggled with lack of a proper livelihood source. They provided him with a nylon multifilament fishing net that caught large numbers of fish. This small help has made a huge difference in his income and he is now able to meet his family's basic needs. Donate to a fishing net and you can help a family improve their living conditions and have two meals a day.

About The Program

Chaithanya Educational and Rural Development Society (CERDS) is an NGO based out of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh which works with tribal welfare. Through this programs, they have adopted 12 tribal communities from 5 villages where the living conditions are very poor. The primary objective of this programme is to help tribal fisher folk earn a stable income through welfare schemes like employment generation through the provision of fishing nets.Almost 90% of these families catch fish by their traditional practices and hence manage a small catch with a lot of time and energy. It is also not possible to do deep water fishing because of unavailability of fishing nets. Beneficiaries are selected through field visits, enquiring with the local community and personal verification of socio-economical conditions. Around 300 scheduled tribe families dependent on fishing for a source of income. Donate to this cause and because of you, a family will secure their livelihood.

About The NGO

To create sustainable and self-reliant rural communities is the mission of the NGO, Chaithanya Educational and Rural Development Society. CERDS was created to work exclusively in the dry-land and coastal regions of Prakasam and Guntur Districts of Andhra Pradesh, to help poor communities overcome the effects of poverty and create a new future for themselves. They aim to help the poor overcome their socioeconomic problems by involving them in the problem and inculcating attitudes of change. PCDP is a participatory, non-violent process of problem-solving, consciousness-raising and empowering the poor. CERDS used this approach to mobilize people to act and solve their problems. Skill Development for Women, livelihood support to disadvantaged women, nutrition support to HIV/AIDS infected people, sanitation support for disabled people and drinking water facilities for disadvantaged are a few programs undertaken by CERDS. About 12,000 families and 55,000 populations belonging tribal and other vulnerable communities in the sea-coastal villages of Prakasam and Guntur Districts have been ensured safe drinking water facilities.CERDS have been honored with numerous awards for their selfless service in uplifting the rural communities and helping them to make themselves self-sustained.

Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society

Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society

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Rohit Nair

Rohit Nair


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